12 Hours of Temecula #1, 2011 – Single Speed Solo

I must say, 12 Hours of Temecula was one fun race :) – This marks my second “endurance length” mountain bike race, and my longest race ever (previously I did an 8 Hour Race in Idyllwild).  I was geared 32:18, and that seemed great, because I pre-rode on Friday with a 17t, and did fine. This time, I also had Scott, Taylor, and Tim with me, and we set up a nice pit area.  I felt way more legit!!  With all the nervous jitters, taking a last minute crap, etc.- I didn’t get a good warmup ride, or pre-race stretching in.  I think that, combined with going out very hard on a relatively hard gear contributed to me cramping up 2.5 hours into the race.   Long story short, I fought cramps for the next 9 hours, and rode very conservatively.   I pulled back enough to keep the cramps at bay, but every time I started to climb out of the saddle, they’d remind me who was running the show.

I had no mechanicals, except that my XX Fork had a broken Xloc, so I couldn’t  lock it out… but I knew that coming in to the race.  Scott & Taylor helped me switch out the 18t to  20t and again to a 21t as the cramps persisted and I desperately tried to spin the lactic acid out of my pulsating legs.


I’m still happy to have posted 10 strong laps, good enough for a 4th place finish. I think smarter racing, and not going out so hard might have gotten me a podium… I’m still happy with 93+ miles and 11,000′ + climbing… and  I’m definitely still stoked to have done those super flowy descents 10 times!! Can’t wait til the next race. Kudos to the ss’ers that finished ahead of me with 12 & 11 laps… you guys are animals!!!  Oh yeah, it was also fun watching the shadow of Tinker Juarez slip by me countless times… Give the man props!

Here’s my race the way the Garmin saw it: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/6502142

While I was pumping out laps, Scott was busy scouting the competition…

Chaos at the starting line…

A couple more pics that Taylor took of me…

The pits...

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