3rd Place @ Southridge XC Race – Tough Course!!

The new race course at Southridge (Fontana) is no joke.  Not one ss rider was even close to cleaning the new hill they added.  Check out the Garmin Link of my race to see how tough it was… my average HR was 182… and i burned 948 calories in 1 hr, 5 min.  Since I’ve never raced Southridge before (or had a chance to pre-ride the course), I was conservative the first lap, and just tried to stay with the lead pack.  The lead guys didn’t even attempt the big climb, just started hiking right away.  Was able to jog past a couple people and settle in… The rigid fork wasn’t the right call for the more-tech-than-expected descents.  I should’ve gone with the Sram XX fork.  Anyhoo, 2nd lap, I opened up a little bit, and started picking folks off.  I cleaned the crux of the big climb that nobody even attempted… a couple people saw it, and congratulated me after the race– that felt good…  So yeah, 3rd Place – happy with the day.  The podium feels good.  Let’s get on it again, soon 🙂 – just higher up, please!! The $5 burrito afterwards hit the spot!!!

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