Dumping Snow!! – Training for Kenda Cup #1 on Feb. 27th

I love Mammoth.  As I write, snowflakes are parachuting on my deck, the fire is blazing… and the POW POW is inviting me to shred the gnar on the hill!! But the xc bike is sitting in the guest room feeling lonely.  That’s what Snowcreek is for.  Yesterday, I had a great interval workout in the spin room… lots of anaerobic short bursts- combining out of the saddle climbs & high cadence speed bursts with short rests in between.  To mix it up and improve on my “hike-a-bike” endurance, I also mixed in a couple 10-minute, high-intensity climbs on the StairMaster.  For a 1 1/2 hr workout, my avg. hr was 94% and over 1,200 cals burned.  Felt good :).  I was down in L.A. visiting family last week, and took a couple fun rides in Irvine, and I can’t wait to jump on the “real” bike again.  With Sagebrush only 10 days away – I’ve got a lot of work to do.  Anyhoo,  I’ll be back on the trainer this afternoon, for a 3hr steady ride… and I’m gonna try and ride down in Big Pine tomorrow before heading south for work this weekend.    Powder and Mountain Bikes.  Life is good.

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