Bonelli In The Books – Kenda Cup MTB XC Race #2 Was A Blast!

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Loving every minute of my rookie season!! Just two weeks after Race 1 at Sagebrush, the “Bonelli Park” course was light years harder.  The Kenda Cup #2 Race was filled with quick, steep climbs, and short techy descents (as the graph above shows) – tons of fun, and super hard.  A definite lung & leg burner – check out the Garmin Link to see the ride details – over 2,800′ of elevation gain over the 20 mile course.  I came in 13th Place, in just over 2 hours.  I was pleased – rode hard, and made all the climbs without getting off the bike.  Sometimes I wanna slap myself for jumping right into Cat. 1 racing without moving through the Cat. 2 & 3 ranks first.  Most of these guys have been racing 10+ years, and I first spun a mountain bike pedal 3 years ago, and decided to race 4 months ago… The learning curve is sharp- but progress has been fast too… What a blast.  Angela & Lucy have been to the last couple races, and it’s become fun for the family – since mountain-biking tends to happen in parks, there’s always something new and cool for Lucy… and seeing them cheer is a shot of adrenaline better than any Gu could do!!  Training is going to slow for the next couple weeks, since I have to work 😦 but super-stoked for Sea Otter… the event that got me to give this MTB racing a try in the first place!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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