Chance To Train With Team Topeak-Ergon in Sedona, AZ

I hate contests.  But I’m in one.

In real life, I’m a Cinematographer (I work on movies, commercials, tv shows, etc).  I get a lot of time off, so it gives me time to ride my bike… Anyhoo– I shoot a TV show called “The Buried Life” on MTV.  The show follows four guys as they cross items off their bucket list- and for every item they accomplish, they help a stranger complete a goal on their list.  Back in 2007, before MTV picked up the show, we were shooting the pilot episode.  While bullriding, fly fishing, and paragliding in Idaho, we came across and interviewed the great Rebecca Rusch (endurance mountain bike champion with a great smile).  After that interview, it motivated me to put “compete in a 24 hour solo mountain bike race” on my personal bucket list.  This website is a testiment to how important mountain-biking has become to me since then… and this year, I plan on crossing that item off my list with 24 Hours of Moab in October.

If I win this contest, I get to train for a week with Team Topeak-Ergon (top endurance MTB team, duh) in Sedona, AZ at the beginning of May.

What to do: Click on the link below, watch my “contest video” about why I should be chosen to train in Sedona, AZ with Team Topeak-Ergon , then “comment” and “like” and “share” it.  Thank you for the support.!/video/video.php?v=10150114984331771&oid=39715877874&comments

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