Powder on The Brain

There are still no stairs to be seen at the top of the Gondola Building on Mammoth Mountain.  20′ base still, largely due to the 9′ of snow from last week.  So yeah, bike riding has fallen back behind day after day of shredding the gnar last week.  Sick powder days with J.K.  Now that we’re having 60’s weather, gorgeous- my brain is on to lounging on the deck, drinking beer, and enjoying the vitamin D as it envelopes my pale white honkey skin.  Oh yeah, I’ve got a race tomorrow!

Off to the beautiful, quaint town of Riverside, CA: to pre-ride the Sycamore Canyon course – which is new to the U.S. Cup tour.  So even though all the courses are new to me (since I’m a rookie, shhh don’t tell anyone), this one is brand spankin’ new to everyone.  The course they posted online shows 5.7 miles and 605′ elevation gain for each lap (pro/cat 1 does 4 laps – so I’m looking at over 2,400′ of climbing in 23 ish miles.  I hope the snowboard x-training regimen keeps these chicken legs of mine going!! HOOT!!!

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