2011 Sea Otter Race and Re-Cap

Done and done-er.  Sea Otter 2011 is in the books.  I’m in one piece.  My bicycle is in one piece.  I’m at peace.  Life is good.

Highlights: Watching a shmo clothesline himself around a pop-up tent (he rode his bike right into it- pure comedy).  Blending margaritas with a Cycleops Trainer. Arm wrestling for swag at the Sram booth. Free Chobani yogurt and pistachios every morning for brekky! The kegger at the Clif Bar tent – 40ish hippie types with no rhythm dancing to Steve Miller Band covers. Pyramid Apricot Ale with hot dogs at the IMBA party.  Meeting some cool cats from Team Topeak-Ergon (Jeff, Sonya, Jeffrey)- they all seem to smile a lot when a podium is not at stake – (I’m so stoked for AZ!!).  Watching Graves edge out Lopes in the DS Final, and then smoke the field in the DH Final.  Sipping on above mentioned margarita as 3 people washed my bike at the Pedro’s booth 🙂

Lowlights: Paying $5 for watered down watermelon juice. I wish Garmin had a booth- my speed sensor magnet broke. I wish Stans NoTubes had a booth- need a replacement valve stem. I gotta chance to check out Chris Sugai’s Niner A9C, and it’s so beautiful. I guess that’s a highlight, but the lowlight is I don’t have one… yet.

Anyhoo. Scott, Brian & the homies at the Pricepoint / Sette Booth were awesome all weekend, letting me hang in the shade and break dance on their bike boxes.  I had a blast.  The new Sette bikes are actually pretty darn sweet, with prices that are on point (corny, yes).  They’re coming out with a 29er carbon frame in a couple months… hmmm… 🙂

I achieved my goal for the race – finished in under 4 hours (3:48).  Fought the cramp demons during the second lap, and put the hurt on a few of my counterparts.  I passed  4 people in the last 3 miles, as the lactate in my legs was subdued by tasting the finish line- yummy. Yeah, man. I’m pretty sure I was the only rookie (why did I wait til 33 to start torturing myself?) in the Cat 1 SS field, so I’m stoked.  My dad always tells me – small, incremental improvements lead to longterm success.  Ok.  I’ll buy it for now.  40 miles and 6k climbing.  Here’s the Garmin Link to my race.  I’m glad to finish, especially since a few heavy hitters DNF’ed.  Next race for me might be the Idyllwild Spring Challenge. But work is hectic these next couple weeks before jamming to Sedona for Team Topeak-Ergon basecamp… we’ll see.  Working on JCOM re-shoots (John Carter of Mars) all week @ Playa Vista stages – will try to get some riding in. Okee dokes, time to crash out hard core.  I miss my lovely ladies.  Daddy will be home soon with cuddles and kisses and power hugs!!

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1 Response to 2011 Sea Otter Race and Re-Cap

  1. Angela says:

    Sounds like an amazing weekend! Sad to have missed it! You impress me more with every challenge. Keep pushing yourself! Although I know you wil!


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