Single Speeding Moab’s Slickrock Trail

Moab.  One of my favorite places to ride a bike.  Hands down.  Never gets old.  I love Moab – period.  Good food.  Good people.  Amazing trails.  I love it all…  Other than the redneck contingency of off-road jeepers with their roll-caged rock crawlers, this place is perfect.  I’ve taken a ritual road trip here for the last few years with a bunch of homies from Mammoth.  We always bring the freeride bikes and camp out.  The mandatory shuttle up to Hazard County for the “Whole Enchilada” tops the list.  Amasa Back, Poison Spider, etc. are also usually on the checklist – and of course, the Slickrock Trail.  This time, I was on a roadtrip, passing through Moab with my family, and had the SS strapped to the roof of the Allroad.

Arches National Park: Moab, Utah

Angela and Lucy at Delicate Arch

We were spending some quality time hiking and the such… so just enough time for one morning ride before the heat got darth vader-like.  Slickrock Trail on the singlespeed.  I was geared 33:19.  PURE MAGIC.  I had more fun on this trail than I ever had on a geared fully rig.  Up, down, up, down, follow the white dots, sticky slicky.  Get some.  This trail always makes me feel like such an animal – the steeps you can clean… then you get back to dirt and attack it like Superman… but the ego goes pfff a la Clark Kent and deflates like a jolly jump at 5pm.  Anyhoo, if you get the chance – ride your bike and drink some beer (Moab Brewery) in Moab.  If you don’t get the chance, make one.  It’s worth it.  Touch the slickrock.

Slickrock Trail = view down to the River

Slickrock Trail – Follow the white dots

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