Greetings from San Juan, PR

I figured now would be a good time to catch up on the blag (yes I’m still into the southy Boston accent thing). On the iPad in the hotel room sipping a Cuba Libre whilst wifey and girlie nap next to me. Seems like everyone is racing hard over the the next couple of weeks- while I’m drinkin rum punch and eating fried plantains in the Caribbean like captain Jack Sparrow- the black pearl is mine! I wish luck to all at nationals this week, firecracker, Leadville, ctr, etc coming up quick- kick ass!! A couple firefighters from l.a. will be coming up to Mammoth soon to train for 10 days at altitude for Leadville- Jeffrey from Ergon hooked them up with me and I put a few rides together for them. Hopefully I’ll be able to touch dirt with them at the end of July.

I’m on chill mode, vacation style- although I will be hitting the trainer and elliptical on the cruise gym to validate the big meals and ever-present cruise food. When I get home, training is back on for 24 hours of Moab with the Sierra-Tahoe 100 coming up in mid August. Also gonna be spending some time bikepacking around the Eastern Sierra- we need a sweet ride/race like the atz, ctr, etc that people can throw a spot tracker on, do individual time trials and maybe a grand depart each year? I’m gonna start putting together some gps tracks… If anybody has input or wants to get involved developing the Mammy Jammy Loop, let me know. The hikers have the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails- us mountain bikers need something wicked!! Too much amazing beauty to explore around The glass mountains, white mountains, mammoth, June, lone pine, bishop, etc- I’m excited about it! I think we will be able to make a nice 500 mile ride with sufficient water and food re-ups, lots of singletrack, climbing, views, etc – so yeah, email me if u wanna help and get out there!!

Ok, blogging from an iPad is not ideal- I’m done. Turn dem pedals

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