My Legs Were Naughty. So I Punished Them.

Tomorrow I start a job.  3 x 6 day weeks = 18 days of work.  For those of you in the movie business, you probably notice this is your typical “low budget” feature schedule.  Somehow,  a producer must’ve realized years ago that 18 days is about the minimum amount of time possible to make a decent movie (or not so decent, as many are).  Anyhoo, I worked friday night… last day of principle photography on “Seeking A Friend For The End of The World” (comedy with Steve Carell and Keira Knightly that I worked on back in May) – didn’t wrap until about 3 a.m…. and my legs felt pretty stale yesterday.  The were yelling at me and talking back… blatantly disobedient… so today, I decided to punish them.  Punish them good.  With this crazy work schedule, it might be the last time I get to ride hard for a few weeks… at least I’m putting the sprouted grain bread on my family’s dinner table.  I’m focusing on being optimistic about everything these days.  It’s been good for me.  Amazing what a positive attitude can do to stress levels.  Life is good.

Segways Suck.

If you ride a segway, and you’re not old or disabled, you’re simply a schmuck.  Schmuck.  Schmuck.  Love that word!!  Driving through Beverly Hills on the way to Sullivan Canyon for my ride today, I saw a mom, dad, and 12ish year old daughter each riding their own segway… with the dog’s leash hooked up to the dad’s segway.  Are you kidding me?  That  kid probably drinks a 6-pack of Dr. Pepper a day, washes it down with 6 hours on the couch playing video games.  Maybe I’m too hooked on Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution, but come on!!  LAZY- Loser Ass Zombie Yuppies!!  Took every fiber of self restraint not to throw my banana peel at that pink izod.  If  I was in China, I’d probably get arrested.  Like the time I got busted at the Beijing Airport for having a “Chairman Mao” lighter in my backpack… that’s another blog tho…

Back to Bikes.

Oh, before I get back to bikes, first some bling.  I saw Rick Ross wearing a Mr. T necklace.  So pimp.  Then, I found a cool necklace in my truck today.  I forgot where it came from.  If you gave it to me, sorry.  Anyhoo, I haven’t worn a necklace in a while, so I’m stoked.  Kinda like Mr. T- I pity dem fools that play with my jewels.

So yeah, got in 30 miles with 4,500k climbing this morning.  Garmin link.  Started at the bottom of Sullivan Canyon.  Rode up to Sullivan Ridge.  Down to start of Sullivan Ridge and back up it to Dirt Mulholland.  Touched some Farmers ST.  Over to Temescal to “The Hub”.  Down to Trippet Ranch (first time down there.  whack.  not worth the climb back up.)  Back down Sullivan Canyon.  Geared 33:17, definitely enough punishment.  Then went to Westwood and grubbed at Socko’s Subs…

Crystal Ball.

Not sure what September holds yet.  I want to race 24 Hours of Bend.  But it’s gonna cost a lot of $$ for that trip and with my work right now, I’m a little worried how my fitness will be in a month.  If I don’t do Bend, I’m gonna do the High Sierra Century in Mammoth.  The roadies laugh at me on my MTB SS… as they fly by me on the flats.  But I smile and ask if everything is ok when I catch them on the climbs… 🙂  Anyhoo… all systems are still go for 24 Hours of Moab in October.  I’d love to get a 24h solo under my belt before then… but I’m not sweating it… optimism is good.  I’m stoked to be healthy and happy, and able to ride a bike, period.

Last Shout.

Two friends of mine, both with huge quads and frickin a wicked farmer tans, attempted the CTR last week (click the link if you don’t know what the Colorado Trail Race is).  They had been training and prepping for months… mentally, physically… riding, racing, gear testing, excel spreadsheeting, weighing grams Columbian style, overnight camping with bears and rain and spiders in their noses and stankonia clothes… eating gas station burritos, farting to blow up their thermarests… running muddy waters through their led zeppelin bandanas… and posting corny pics of all of it… the whole enchilada to get ready for 5-6 days, 500 miles, 60k climbing at 10-12,000′ through the Colorado Trail, unsupported.  Just like I did while Dejay was racing the Tour Divide, I became glued to and and (where I put all my duckets on Eszter Horanyi and Kevin Thomas– boo ya).  So yeah, Sonya Looney and Jeff Kerkove were both forced to scratch from the race for their own reasons.  I can only imagine the emotional drain and overall bummed outness after all that was invested in this race.  But you know what?  They both trained their asses off with heavy packed out bikes for months, and probably wouldn’t have gotten the fitness they have right now without it.  All that prep was not a waste… their souls are stronger… I can guarantee that Sonya and Jeff will be breathing fire and crushing bitches at the Breck Epic… and smiling and drinking beer of course.  I’m gonna go to and put my money where my mouth is.  Hoot!!!  A good friend of Kung Fu once said, “Yesterday is ash.  Tomorrow is wood.  Only today does the fire burn brightly.”  GET SOME.  yes, I said woooood.

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1 Response to My Legs Were Naughty. So I Punished Them.

  1. Angela says:

    That’s actually my necklace… I know it’s hard to believe but way back when that truck was my baby.


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