Everest Challenge- Attempting To Be 1st to Complete on a MTB-SS

Everest Challenge Update – It’s official.  I’m going for it.  29,035′ of climbing over 208 miles in 2 days.  According to the race director (who seems to think I’m a little weird), nobody has ever completed it on a mountain bike- geared or SS.  Also according to the race director, “Real road racers don’t even recognize SS.”  Ha.  I don’t buy that crap.  Every cyclist recognizes other cyclists no matter what their discipline.  Although I’ve never worn mandex, I respect road riders/racers immensely… as well as CX, unicyclists, etc- whatever floats your boat.  In fact “real” road racers train on mtb’s, and “real” mtb racers train on road bikes… anyhoo, I digress.  I will be allowed to use my Ergon GS2 grips with bar ends- and when I complete the race (I’m laying it all out there mang) I will officially be the first mtb and ss to do so.  However, because it is a USAC race, and bar ends are not allowed in competitive classes, my time will not be calculated against the other racers… but I don’t give a crap.  I’d rather have my bar ends on, and I’m really only racing against myself and mother nature anyway.

So yeah, I’ve pre-ridden 1/2 of the climbs now.  No joke.  Go big or go home.  Relentless. All the climbs are gonna take me between 2-3 hours each.  Once you start going up, you don’t stop until the summit.  Not much room to sip water without losing momentum.  I’ve found a couple spots where it drops to 2-3% grade, and I must take advantage of these lulls to hydrate and stoke the fire within.  Luckily, there should be ample recovery time on the descents (what goes up, must come down).  I’ve been training with 33:17 gearing, which is 2-3 gears harder than what I’ll be racing with (I’ll go 33:19 or 20 on race day).  This means I’ve been out of the saddle a bunch, but should be able to do most of the climbing in the saddle during the race with the easier gear.  Hopefully, my heart and lungs will be happier as well… not in the 88-92% range it’s been in during training.  I’d love to keep it in the low 80’s so I’m below my AT, and keep the crampy’s away… those little bastards always trying to creep in… like the douche bag looking for high school girls at a house party.  Alright.  Enough for now.  Next post will be the race report !!

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