10k Breast Cancer Ride with Arlene and DSES

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Last Saturday I had a blast hanging out with my friend Arlene as she rode the Eastern Sierra Breast Cancer Alliance 10k in Bishop.  Oh yeah, it’s actually a 10k run, but Arlene doesn’t have working legs.  She doesn’t have feet either.  But she has a sassy attitude and great taste in socks.  They’re always colorful and super soft.  Every time I see her on the weekly Wednesday DSES rides in Bishop, I always look forward to seeing her socks… and her smile.  Anyhoo,  yeah… we had such a great time, and I got to see some trails in Bishop that I’d never been on before.  Arlene killed it!!  Other than a couple rutted out soft sections, I didn’t help her at all- except with hilarious jokes to make her forget about her triceps which were burning like Angela’s bacon.

Good times, great cause.  Arlene lost a friend to cancer two weeks ago, so we were riding in memory of Ronie.  A dear friend of mine lost his sister to cancer a few weeks ago as well… so Cindy and Brad were/are definitely in my thoughts.  Cancer is just a reminder of how fickle health and life in general can be.  If you have some stuff you really wanna do, I suggest getting at it now.  Don’t worry.  Your couch ain’t gonna miss you… and the donuts will taste better, too.

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