Thievery Corporation – Is It Over: Music Video Premiere

A couple days ago, a music video that I shot with directing duo, Donnie Eichar and Brad Tiemann (better known as Black Box Theory) released on the web.   Thievery Corporation’s “Is It Over”, priemiered on Spinner and AOL Music as the video of the day, getting thousands of hits in just the first few hours.  “Is It Over” is one of the singles just released off of Thievery Corporation‘s newest album, Culture of Fear.  So far, it’s exclusively running on AOL Music/ Spinner, so click on the link above to check it out… I hope you like it.  If you wanna know more about the project, read on…

A little over a month ago, Eichar and  Tiemann called me with the treatment, and I jumped at it.  Those guys form like Voltron when they get together, so I knew it would be a creative departure from the “in your face” seizure inducing videos saturating the market.   I also needed a well-deserved break from the grind of shooting a feature that I was wrapping up at the time, Taco Shop.

The concept pays homage to Judex (notice the opening shot in this clip), a vigilante-type crime fighting character that was created by Louis Feuillade and Arthur Bernède in 1914.  He wore masks and used deception to  trap villains and right wrongs.  The vibe we were after was a classic, timeless, and polished – mostly static shots, minimal camera movement, and understated lighting.    BBT sent me references from the 50s-60’s, and I was personally motivated by images I’d seen in the halls of Panavision, Woodland Hills.  They have a collection of George Hurrell‘s images of Hollywood starlettes in the 30’s.  I wanted to pay a little tribute to these timeless masterpieces.

Images by Hurrell, circa 1930's

Behind the Scenes:  It was a very low-key (now pun intended) shoot.  One camera, a Red MX with Cooke S4 Primes and an Angenieux Optimo 4:1 Zoom.  We shot the video in one night, on location in the Ayres Hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA.  This hotel was so beautiful inside, that hardly any production design was needed.  Behind the mask were two different people playing the Judex role.  One was a professional magician (Joel Ward) and the other was L’il Buck, an amazing dancer.  The two leads were played by Jason Thompson and Julie Berman, both stars of the tv show, General Hospital.  Good times 🙂  Black Box Theory has a couple more projects lined up, so hope to fill you in on more soon…

Other Notables:

  • Label: ESL Music
  • Producer: Rob Garza
  • Producer: Scott London
  • Unit Production Manager: Thad Nalitz
  • Production Manager: Nick Marler
  • Editor: Javier Alvarez
  • Hair/ Makeup: Anna Maslaney
  • Mask Artist: Jessee Clarkson
  • Gaffer: Chris Ernst
  • Key Grip: Spencer Scranton
  • Focus Puller: David Speck
  • Digital Utility: Jason D’Alberti
  • Colorist: Bob Festa
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