Doorbusters and Post-Turkey Bike Ride in Sycamore Canyon

Have you noticed that Dean Kane is getting fat?  That dude was Superman- just saw a preview for something he’s in… anyhoo… that’s neither here nor there…

After working working 70+ hours in 6 straight days and nights of mayhem, I finally got to relax with my family for Turkey Day.  From shooting all night in Las Vegas with Suge Knight to chasing perps in an electric vehicle on Southland to seeing Brian Austin Green and the black dude from Lost sing N’Sync covers on The Wedding Band, it was a week that reminds me why I love my day job so much… it’s never the same.  Kinda like why I love mountain biking so much… even the same trails are never quite the same, always a different line to try, different conditions, time of year, flowers blooming, smells, etc

Getting ready to shoot on Southland – that’s me to the right

So yeah… what’s up with all the “Doorbuster” sales?  I don’t remember hearing this term in the past, but seems everybody was doorbustin’ this black Friday.  I looked it up on Wiki Answers, and this is how they define DOORBUSTER:  supposedly the sale is so great or items placed so low that a lot of people wait outside the doors, rush the doors to the store or bust the doors, thus the term, door-bust-er.

I’m in Camarillo staying with my inlaws, about 2 miles from the outlets.  My buddy Taylor came up at 10pm Wednesday night, and we decided to see what this doorbustin’ was all about.  We knew it would be a zoo, so we parked a few blocks away, threw the Exposure Maxx D light on the handlebars, and rode our bikes into the lion pit.  Sure enough, I wound up getting some wicked deals at the New Balance store (got some new kicks for work – shoes that were already 50% off were another 40% from midnight to 10am, cost me about $18 bucks!).  Also got Angela a North Face waterproof rain jacket for a steal.  So yeah, bike is definitely the way to bang out the outlets on Black Friday, and a good way to work off the hardcore feasting on the Deep Fried Turkey my bro-in-law Dominic cooked.  Brenda made rediculously tasty Bourbon Sweet Potatoes, and the usual fare was great too… Cyn’s stuffing, old skoo turkey, rolls, cranberry stuff, yummm…

Friday brought perfect 70 degree temps, and I couldn’t help but to head out to the PCH and ride one of my favorite spots when I’m in Camarillo- Sycamore Canyon in Pt. Mugu State Park.  Lots of fun trail options, from mellow to stiff climbs (Hell Hill), fire roads to buff singletrack (Guadalasca Single Track).

perfect riding temps!!

After I took this pic of the dash, I left my iPhone in the car, so the rest of the pics I stole off the internet… oh well.  Anyhoo, I haven’t ridden in almost two weeks since 12 Hours of Temecula, since I’ve been working so much.  I just wanted an easy cruiser ride to get my legs spinning, and feel better about gorging the day before… I decided to head out on the Sycamore Canyon Fire Road, and climb up Overlook Fire Road.  Always a good way to get the lungs going (about 1k elevation gain in 4.4 miles).  Then instead of descending Guadalasca like I normally do, I tried the turn down La Jolla Valley Fire Road.  This connected to the La Jolla Canyon Trail, and I kept on it, looking for La Jolla Valley Loop Trail, but never seemed to find it.  Eventually I hit a super techy rocky descent section, where I came across a bunch of hikers that looked at me sideways, as I hiked down the sketchy parts.  Eventually I made my way into the La Jolla campground parking lot, where the trailhead sign had bikes crossed out.  Oops, I somehow illegally made my way on the wrong trail… still not exactly sure where I blew it, but I made it back to the car by cruising a couple miles south on the PCH.  Whatever the case, tons of fun… great singletrack for a while on the La Jolla Canyon Trail, next time I just need to figure out where I missed my turn to head back towards Sycamore… Anyhoo, what are you doing to burn off Thanksgiving Day guilt?


View of the Pacific Ocean – From Overlook Trail

More views from the trail

Thank you to,, – from where I stole the last images.  Please let me know if you want me to take them down.

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1 Response to Doorbusters and Post-Turkey Bike Ride in Sycamore Canyon

  1. Angela says:

    Did you take a dip in the ocean after?


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