That was Sooo 2011 – Here’s Looking Forward to 2012!!

2011 was pretty sweet to me.  As the Chinese proverb says, “Yesterday, ash.  Tomorrow, wood.  Only today does the fire burn brightly.”  So I don’t usually rehash the past, but sometimes it’s nice to reminisce over stellar times with stellar peeps, and a glass of Stella.  (Gulp, ahhh… tasty).  So much to be thankful for.  If you’re feeling blue, go see the Muppets and force yourself to write all the good things that have happened in 2011 – I guarantee, you’ll finish your list in a better mood… and as my friend Jeremy constantly reminds everybody on the set of Drop In: “DO WHAT YOU LOVE”.

2011 Highlights:

  • Became the first single speeder to complete the Everest Challenge(29,000′ of climbing over two days)

    Article in the Mammoth Times

  • 2nd Place in the single speed class for the 12 Hours of Temecula 3 Race Series

    12 Hours of Temecula

  • Won the Team Topeak-Ergon BasecampContest, and got to ride with awesome peeps in Sedona, AZ- honestly a life altering experience!!

    Topeak-Ergon Basecamp: Sedona, AZ 2011

  • Partook (that was funny to type) in Single Speed USAin Boulder, CO – met a bunch of like-minded SS bike banditos, drank, ate, and raced at high altitude in the purple choda boy cords

    Purple Cords after the Race

  • According to my Garmin, I put in 294 hours in the saddle,  while climbing 274,000′ over 2,800 milesin 2011.  How does that rank for a ski bum with a day job and a 3 year old?

    Garmin 2011 stats

  • Took an amazing vacation to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with my family, and had a wicked road trip (with lots of riding) to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.

    Angela and Lucy in Arches National Park: Moab, Utah

  • Did weekly rides throughout the summer with Disabled Sports in Bishop – and accompanied Arlene as she completed the 5k for Breast Cancer Awareness

    Arlene doing the 5K for Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Watched my friend Marcigrow from a punk ass young teenager having trouble coping with being paralyzed to a confident young woman, independent and enrolled in college courses.  She warms my heart.

    Marci, on her first time out in a Nordic Sit Ski

  • Took the first Disabled Sports mountain bike students down Kamikaze!!

    Scott, Devin & I - Ready to shred Kamikaze

Goals for 2012- Keep going where 2011 left off:

  • Obviously, lots more riding and racing.  I’m gonna focus on longer races and stage races in farther places- and less of them- quality over quantity.  Podiums would be nice, but I get paid the same amount regardless (nada)- so FUN is still number one to me!!   My tentative 2012 schedule is posted.
  • Fat Biking / Snow Biking – I’ve almost got the loot saved to order my Surly Moonlander.  This winter will involve lots of riding the endless snowmobile trails around Mammoth and beyond… with 4.7″ tires at super low tire pressures… and yes, I am ordering the Surly SS Spacer Kit, and a Tuggnut… and will be converting it to Single Speed once I dial it in.
  • Trainer Time – I bought my first road bike in September, and haven’t ridden it once yet.  I’m about to pull the trigger on a trainer, most likely a Kurt Kinetic (if I can get the duckets for it), and my roadie will be mounted to it.  I think between that and the Moonlander, my winter training/riding in Mammoth will be leaps and bounds better than 2011.
  • Beach rides – I’ll definitely be riding the beaches in So Cal with the Moonlander as well.
  • Bikepacking- I want to do the AZT this year, as it’ll be a good start to eventually tackling the CTR and Tour Divide in the upcoming years.  As my dad always says, “small, incremental steps”.
  • Hit more backcountry ski spots around Mammoth
  • Teach my little Lucy to ski
  • Get to Stowe, Vermont for Single Speed USA 2012 in July.
  • Do at least one International Bike Trip or Race
  • Cross some items off my BUCKET LIST!!

So yeah, that’s about it for now.  Enjoying family time, working a bunch, and crossing fingers for snow!!  What do you have planned for 2012?  Hoot!!

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3 Responses to That was Sooo 2011 – Here’s Looking Forward to 2012!!

  1. You are such a cool dude…I’m super stoked we met! And in SEDONA!!
    I am jealous of your Moonlander and will have to save up for a NeckRomancer of my own. 🙂
    Here’s to 2012….and here’s to crossing things off our Bucket Lists!


  2. Silvia C says:

    If you get to VT in July, you HAVE to connect with the folks at Onion River Sports- like Kip and Tristan. They’ll show you some of the trails (if you have a few days in VT) and some good beer, and a great group to SS it up with. You can bike on the newer Trapp Family Lodge trails AND drink from the newer brewery after! And you’d be pretty close to East Burke so to speak… but if you don’t get to the KT then ride the trails in Waterbury. Close to Stowe.


    • ss29er says:

      thanks for the intel on Vermont!! i’m super stoked to head out there for SSUSA!! i will definitely hit your peeps up. my buddy, George, who’s heading up SSUSA, has a bike shop in Waterbury (Bike 29). If you’re ever in the ‘hood, stop in and say hi to him- great guy.


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