10 Blogs Worth Blogging About

There are a few blogs that I’ve recently come across, and think they’re worth a share.  Lately, I’ve been using Google Reader to subscribe to blogs, news feeds, etc.  I love it.  Currently, I subscribe to about 60 sources, and I’m always looking for new worthwhile content.

Screenshot of how my Google Reader "delivers" me the goods

I rarely “seek out” or visit sites manually anymore.  Instead, articles and blogs that I care about are delivered to me on a silver platter.  Topics that tickle my fancy are usually geared towards bikes/ mtb riding,  race related, cycling news, cooking/nutrition and friends’ blogs.  The main questions I ask of a blog is:

  • Is it interesting and useful a.k.a worth my precious time?
  • Is it motivating in any way?  Does it make me wanna get off my ass and do something?
  • If it’s neither of these, is it at least entertaining?

If a blog has me answering yes to all 3 of these questions, then I’m stoked every time I see a new post pop up on my reader screen.  I’ve been trying to broaden my horizons, and in one way, shape, or form have found some great toilet reading (admit it, you sometimes take your laptop to the throne too).  One thing that I’ve realized, is that reading about other people’s adventures, nutrition plans, and getting their outlooks is super motivational and inspiring in my own quests.  Here are 10 blogs that I’m digging right now:

  • kurt’s going nuts: Kurt Refsnider is one of the top ultra mountain bikers in the world.  He won the Tour Divide in 2011, and set records in both the Arizona Trail 300 and Arizona Trail 750 in 2010.  He is a great photographer, intelligent, and always seems to be doing something super cool outdoors.  Definitely a major motivation in my quest to tackle an ultra this year.
  • XXC Magazine: An ultra-endurance rag that has opened my horizons to all kinds of new quests and bucket list items
  • Fat-Bike.com:  If you have any interest in riding mountain bikes through snow, on beaches, across ice fields, etc – this blog will motivate you to brave the elements and see what craziness you can get into
  • Jeremy McGhee: Jeremy is an all around amazing athlete- He surfs, mountain bikes, skis, you name it.  He also has legs that don’t work.  He has such a positive spirit, and it comes through in all his journal posts- and he always seems to be on some sort of adventure.  I’m stoked to be working with him on Drop In (a documentary TV series following Jeremy on some of these adventures)
  • Outside Magazine: Great mix of all kinds of cool outdoorsy stuff- places to go, gear reviews, overall just plain interesting reading.
  • Jill Homer:  She’s a maniac ultra-endurance freak (my kinda peeps!!) that happens to be a great writer… you really feel as if you’re with her on the adventures.  She also has written a couple books that I intend on reading as soon as I get some spare loot.
  • Bike Rumor: Stay up on all the new goodies coming out before they come out…
  • Todd Wells:  Not just because he won La Ruta and Leadville in 2011, but because he comes across as a super down to earth, easy going guy, and offers great insight into the professional world of bike racing.
  • Pedaling In Place:  Joe Cruz just happens to be bike touring all through South America right now.  His insight is great, photography and writing impeccable.
  • Diary of Scott Morris:  The founder of Topofusion, and endurance athlete who has great adventures worth reading about.

P.S. – this list is 100% unsolicited, and I don’t know most of these people in any way.  Just an honest list of reading material that is motivating me to get off my ass, and on to achieving my goals.

Do you have a “must-read” blog I should know about?  Let me know!

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