Turkey Ride: Black Canyon Trail – Phoenix, AZ

trailhead at Black Canyon City

I’m in Peoria, AZ visiting my pops and in-laws for Turkey Day.  So I decided to get up off my arse and get some riding in before gorging on all that feastworthy food.  I rolled up the I-17N, jumped off at exit 242 Black Canyon City, and headed over to the trailhead.  Everyone says this section of the BCT is the “highlight” of the whole 70+ mile long trail.  It was.  I rode some stupid fun singletrack on 34:15 gearing (a little too steep of a gear, but who cares, it was still fun).  Tasted the Horseshoe, Skyline, and Cheapshot segments.   Sweet azz sweet singletrack, crossing over the Agua Fria river a few times, switchback climbs, great ebb and flow to this trail… cacti everywhere, some rocky spots, some sandy spots, but mostly well-manicured ST in the pristine AZ wilderness.  Now I know why this trail system is so highly regarded.  I’m still outta shape from a month of work and no play = and minimal seat time… so a 15 mile out n back with 2k climbing in low 80’s heat was enough for me.  I had planned on including the Little Pan Loop, but just wasn’t feeling it and had to get back to spend Thanksgiving with the fam.  This was a great intro to the BCT.  Yes, I plan on touching the rest of it.  No, I will not be geared 34:15 next time – I think 32:18 would be stellar… keep the heart rate nice and low…

Anyhoo, have some turkey and feel stoked for this awesome life.  Hoot Alan.

so many beautiful cacti all over the place

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