Sonoran Loop Competitive Track: White Tank Mountain Park – Surprise, AZ

I dig this little “competitive track” tucked in White Tank Mountains Regional Park in Surprise, Arizona.  It’s only about 1/2 hour drive from Peoria (where I was staying) and probably no more than 45 minutes from Phoenix I’m guessing.   If you have limited riding time this is great, because you’re never too far from the car, even though you feel as though it’s remote.  There are 3-4 different loop options, varying from about 7 miles (advanced loop including technical section) down to about 3 miles (beginner loop).  The beginner and intermediate loops have the same start and end as the longer advanced loop, but have “bail out” options to cut the loops shorter.  The advanced loop has the only section of “real” climbing, which I gather is called “Stinger Climb” (from looking at Strava segments)- so I suggest you go out and ride the big loop first.  Another cool thing is that faster riders have the right of way.  Yes, that’s right – slower riders yield here.   Gotta love it.

I was here on a Saturday morning, with only a handful of cars in the lot.  Since all the “tracks” (they don’t call them trails here) go one way, you rarely see another soul out there – unless you’re so dang fast that you keep lapping peeps.

One bummer.  You gotta pay $6 to get in the park.  But at least the riding is fun.  Lots of smooth, fast rolling trails with some rock gardens, etc – The “technical section” isn’t really that techy (nothing too sketch at all), but it’s definitely more technical than the rest of the tracks… I had a blast, even on a hardtail – I had a squish fork, but would’ve been fine on a rigid.  That being said, don’t take it lightly, as there are a few spots begging you to endo if you get cocky.

Stinger Climb goes up a few sets of switchbacks.  It will surely get the heart pumping and legs a burnin’, but by the time you redline and are gasping too hard, you’ve hit the apex, and start flying down the backside and around towards home.  Lots of great flow, up’s and downs, in’s and outs… you can get some major speed going if you choose to… yeah buddy.
The trails all loops in a clockwise direction, starting and ending in the parking lot.  Super simps.  Here is a Strava link for the 3 main loops.  HOOT!

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