Ride Report: The Rail Trail – Santa Fe to Lamy, NM

Rail Trail

Rail Trail

There are times when I wanna ride hard.  Punish legs, climb mountains, feel lungs rip through my shirt.  There are also times when I wanna marvel at scenery.  Scoot through trees, navigate rock gardens, descend on the verge of losing control… possibly losing control and eating handlebars, tasting blood mixed with sweat mixed with euphoria.

Lucy and Mama cruising the Rail Trail

Lucy and Mama cruising the Rail Trail

And then there are times when nothing is better than a “family fun ride”.  When I get the 8 month prego wifey out and throw Lucy on the trail-a-bike and go out for a cruise.  I can chat with Angela, and listen to Lucy hooting and hollering as she mashes the pedals and “helps me” up the climbs.  These are the times when I’m glad the Rail Trail exists.  It’s Santa Fe’s version of the Animas River Trail in Durango (albeit without the gorgeous scenery and river crossings).

gratuitous sign shot

gratuitous sign shot

photo(11)It starts in the Railyard near REI and parallels the train tracks as a paved trail for about 5 miles until you hit Rabbit Rd.  Then it turns into dirt and continues for another 11-12 miles as double and singletrack through El Dorado all the way to Galisteo Basin / Lamy.  It’s pretty mellow with a few short climbs/ descents.  Once you get out of town, it’s very relaxing and peaceful.  A perfect family ride, since you can make the ride as long or short as you like/ out-n-back.  It also passes right by the 2nd Street Brewery (in two spots – the original location and in the Railyard).  Hint hint.  Post ride brew for me and root beer for pregnant lady = smileys.photo(10) photo(8)

Seven more shoot days on Longmire (we’re on day 84 of 91 but who’s counting) and then road-tripping home and riding bikes as much as possible before Molly is born in early Sept.  Boy is life good or what???

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3 Responses to Ride Report: The Rail Trail – Santa Fe to Lamy, NM

  1. Angela says:

    Belly smiles!


  2. Kathy Copeland says:

    Aaaahhhhh Life IS good! We all just finished the Sierra Cycle Challenge….great times….blistering heat, sleety rain, terrific food, fun riding buddies, no emails for 3 days! AND we raised over $36K for DSES…ALL fundraising should be SOOO fun! XOX K

    If I Can Do This, I Can Do Anything!
    Kathy Copeland
    Executive Director
    P.O. Box 7275, #1 Minaret Road
    Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
    Phone: 760.934.0791
    Fax: 760.934.0729
    P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.


    • ss29er says:

      congrats on finishing the Sierra Cycle Challenge again!! wish i was there to cheer you on!! 36K!! hoot!! maybe i’ll have to climb 36,000′ feet on my bike in your honor 🙂 we’ll be home in a couple weeks… angela’s about ready to pop!! can’t wait to meet Molly Love in early sept – good times!! see ya soon… alan


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