Ride Report: Vail Mountain Bike Park, CO

Lift-accessed mountain biking, baby.  Sometimes you just don’t wanna earn them turns.  You know what I’m sayin’ mang?  Sometimes it’s fun to just gaffle 7-11 for a Big Gulp instead of dropping the coin.  Sometimes it’s worth it to drop the coin and gaffle the downhill.  Pour some out for Tupac if you feelz me.

So yeah.  Nutshell.  Vail, CO.  Lionshead Village.  Eagle Bahn Gondola.  $31 for a “bike haul” ticket.  Go to the top.

trying to get creative with this one

trying to get creative with this one

Hit the Grand Traverse Trail.  It’s very special.  Vail’s “signature trail”.  Amazing views as you traverse across the Back Bowls, on narrow ST.  Some good climbing, it’s an out-n-back, and the back is sick, so suck it up on the out.

wildflowers blooming

wildflowers blooming


Radio Flyer is the best flow trail I’ve ever ridden.  Quite simply my favorite trail on the resort.  Big Mamba (the newest trail on the mountain) is pretty dang good too.  Great flow, great dirt.  Don’t bail – everyone on the Gondi will see ya 🙂  Mammoth needs to take notes and build some trails with this type of flow.  Everything else was good too… Hank’s Hideaway, Mane Lane, even Lucy’s Loop was fun.  I didn’t do the double blacks (didn’t wanna break my rigid bike or my rigid skull), but everything else I tried was totally doable on the rigid bike, albeit my arms and hands took a whoopin.

If you’re in the hood, drop the $31 and go get you some, son.

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