Full Moon Fat Bike Ride and XC Ski to Minaret Vista

Mother nature never ceases to amaze me!  Thanks to her, the U.S. Forest Service, and Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, the first ever “Full Moon Fat Bike, XC Ski, and Snowshoe” was a complete success!!

photo by: Sard - John and Jacob up at the Vista with fatties at the ready

photo by: Sard – John and Jacob up at the Vista with fatties at the ready

For this event only, the USFS allowed fat bikes on a groomed trail in the Inyo National Forest.  This is the first time this has been allowed, so it was definitely a monumental night.  I wish we had gotten more photos, but we were all too busy enjoying the perfect night.  Starry skies, no wind, warm temps.  We could see the Minarets and Mammoth Mountain clearly while sipping on warm apple cider – thanks Sard!!

All in all, about 30 people made the gorgeous trek up to Minaret Vista.  A whopping 6 fat bikes made the journey.  That’s the most fat bikes I’ve ever seen in Mammoth at one time – Sweet!!  Most others were on nordic gear, with one dad towing his one-year old in a trailer… and a few on snowshoes.  Everybody cruised at their own pace, and joined at the top.  There is no doubt in my mind that bikes and nordic skiers and snowshoers and snowmobilers and anyone else can share the groomed Winter trails in harmony.  Anybody who joined us for the full moon event can attest to that… and to the minimal impact of our snow bikes.

After hanging at the top for a bit, it was time to descend back to Main Lodge.  By that time, the moon had placed itself perfectly to illuminate the trail.  The white magic carpet was glowing, and no artificial light was necessary.  Crisp air, silhouetted trees, shining stars.  My foggy breath easily escaping through an ear to ear grin.   There is nothing like the glorious sound of a 4″ tire at 5psi whispering over manicured snow.  Sorry to the coyotes if my whoops and hollers of joy were confusing you as I floated down the trail.

So yeah, that was pretty special.  Now it’s back to riding un-groomed roads and trails while reminiscing on that fantastic corduroy dream… and continuing to advocate for the amendment of our antiquated Forest Order…  I have officially registered for the Global Fat Bike Summit in Ogden, UT and the fat bike race the following day… looking forward to meeting and riding bikes with land managers from across the country.  #ridebikeswithfriends

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5 Responses to Full Moon Fat Bike Ride and XC Ski to Minaret Vista

  1. ss29er says:

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  2. Kathy Copeland says:

    Again you rock it

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  3. Pete Lewis says:

    just for the record, You need to add 1 more (total of 7) Fat bikes that did this ride. Started a little late, and turned around at Minaret Summit. Great Ride.


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