Ride Report: Clover Patch Loop

A ride report I did for the Fat Bike Mammoth website:

This ride is not for the faint of heart.  It will test you.  With that caveat, it’s an awesome ride!!  The first portion is identical to the Glass Mountain Ridge Lookout Ride.  If you’re not feeling it, the “Lookout” is a great place to turn around.  Not that we’re trying to promote bailing early, but we just want you to make sure you’re committed before embarking on the complete route.  It’s remote and taxing, so be prepared.

Now – the knitty gritty.  The ride starts at the Watterson Divide (junction of Benton Crossing Rd. and Owens Gorge Rd).  As you start heading north up Glass Mountain Ridge, the views to the west have you craning your neck to Crowley Lake, Laurel Mountain, Bloody Mountain, Mammoth and all that glory.  As you keep grinding your way up, you reach a spot called “Four Trees”.  I don’t know why, I’ve never…

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