Thanksgiving Singletrack: Sonoran Desert Preserve – Peoria, Arizona

Not every ride has to be an epic.  It’s the routine of riding bikes day in and day out that is important.  I knew when I flew to Arizona for Thanksgiving, I was going to miss having my bike.  Instead of paying the $150 each way to fly with it, I banked on borrowing my dad’s bike while I was out there.  I also knew that I’d be eating a lot, and had to at least earn some of it 🙂


Kinda weird thinking my dad’s complete KHS bike cost him about as much as my brakes.  In the end, a bike is a bike, and these trails were FUN!!

I decided to try out the relatively new Sonoran Desert Preserve near Phoenix. You could tell the trails were machine built, and they were kind of wide – but it was perfect for beginners and novice riders.  I’m sure it’ll narrow down and get more enjoyable over the next few years.  I did a loop of Sidewinder and Ocotillo.  Strava link here.
A couple of good climbs on Sidewinder get you up high and you feel like you’re away from the urban sprawl.  Good flow, great fun.  Even though you’re just off a major highway, you feel like you’re away from it all.  Great resource to get out of the “bustling” Phoenix grind.
My dads Kmart special bike served me well, other than some crappy shifting.  It almost made it through the day, but I punctured my rear tire with 3 miles to go.  Bummer.  I didn’t have a spare tube, or any type of repair kit/tools that I’d normally have on my own bike.  I didn’t feel like walking, and was frustrated.  So I rode the rim for a while, and felt as if I was shredding up the 1.95 Kenda Small Block 8 in the process.  I didn’t care and knew I could replace the wheel and tire for the cost of a decent meal.  My dad picked me up, and we stopped by Sport Chalet for a tube.  After getting back to his house, I set about installing the new tube.  Somehow, the wheel had remained round and true, and the rim was virtually undamaged.   The tire didn’t have any tears either.  Yahoo!

What else could I expect from a 1.95″ Small Block Eight? 


Happy Thanksgiving, 2015 from the Jacoby Fam.  #thatbeardtho

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