Sunday Sand Church in Hilton Head, South Carolina

So I took a job in Savannah, Georgia for a few weeks.  A cinematically beautiful period project about slavery, called Underground (follows a group of slaves on their daring escape from a Georgia plantation as they travel 600 miles to freedom in the north).


Underground.  It’s worth a watch.


Hard at work, shooting nights in and around the local plantations

Savannah is beautiful and historic.  My hotel was right on Bay Street by the Savannah River, just behind Factors Row and the River Walk.  The old brick buildings on cobblestone streets were once bustling as the original Cotton Exchange.  The are now trendy bars and restaurants, but the rich history is undeniable.


One of the converted cotton warehouses.  Yup, they serve cheap, cold beer.

I was only a few blocks from Chippewa Square and got to geek out at the spot where they filmed Forrest Gump on his bench.  There were large, weathered trees everywhere with looming arms and branches.  Simple beauty.


Where they filmed the “bench” scenes in Forrest Gump.  The bench he sits on was brought in for the movie, and is now in a museum… but this is where it was staged.


One of our filming locations – those trees were amazing!!

I didn’t fly with my bike this time.  I was only going to there for a couple of weekends and there wasn’t much mountain biking to be had anyway.  But I was jonsin’ and had to get on a bike in some fashion.  So on one of my weekends, I decided to check out the famed Hilton Head, South Carolina.  The beach getaway for the rich and famous was only 45 minutes from my hotel.  I heard there was a well-developed bike path system and legal beach riding, so I decided to check it out.  I wound up renting a beach cruiser for $9 at Hilton Head Bicycles and toodled around.img_5249

Quite a departure from my normal riding endeavors… but human-powered, two wheeled exploration is fun no matter what.  Got to see the town very well, and had a blast riding up and down the shoreline while checking out the multi-million dollar beach homes with views for days…


Cruising up and down the shoreline was a blast.  Just me and the gulls and multi-millions worth of McMansions.


Gator country.

Afterwards, I headed over to Reilley’s for lunch and football with the locals.  Washed down my chicken quesadilla with a Sweetwater 420.  Not a bad Sunday.  As a bonus, I hit up the Levi’s outlet and got a couple pairs of new jeans for $20 each to replace my previous pairs that are all holy in the knees.  Stoked.


Chicken quesadilla, Sweetwater 420, and Sunday football at Reilly’s.

Like I said, not my normal mountain bike adventure – but an adventure nonetheless :).

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