Seal Team, Woolsey Fire, 6 Months of Ketchup

My alarm clock can suck it!  I won’t even look at you, or come close to setting you!!  8 months of hustle and… last week we wrapped Episode 22 / the Season 2 Finale of Seal Team in Los Angeles!  Boom!


A random still from Ep 12 / S2 – Dir. Michael Watkins


Lucy hitting the sticks on a set visit!!  Doing some night for day work at a bamboo forest in the Arboretum in Pasadena for Ep 16, S2 Seal Team, Dir. Holly Dale

Interest is compounding, divies are DRIPin – super jonesin to slide back into gainful unemployment aka spring corn ski bum status.  Traveling with the fam and clicking play on paused mtb adventures are also on tap with some gooooood beer.  I’m also hoping to catch up on some blogging before my lousy memory fades to black.   Here we go.  Can’t believe my last post was almost 6 months ago…


Dita!! – Cruisin around in a Blackhawk Helo as the sunball was droppin.  I think this was for Ep 19 / S2


Getting ready for a drive with the Mexican Marines.  Ep. 6 / S2

Cliff Notes version of the last 6 months:  Work.  Eat.  Sleep.  Repeat.  Actually, it wasn’t that bad… I snuck a decent amount of riding in… for every 8 days of shooting , I usually get 8 days to prep my next episode… during which time, it’s usually much shorter hours, working more from home, and more family and fun time sprinkled in.  Thank goodness for prep days!


What a couple of Jabronees.

One of the by-products of filming in Los Angeles for 8 months was getting an apartment in Calabasas.  Multiple trailheads to pristine singletrack in the Las Virgenes Open Space just out my door.  A couple miles south and I’m riding Malibu Creek State Park, New Millenium, etc.  A mile west and I’m into Chesebro Canyon, etc.  Roam 5-10 miles either way on the 101 freeway, and I’ve got the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga, Backbone, Newbury Park, Space Mountain, Dos Vientos, Sycamore, Malibu, etc.  And then…


Las Virgenes Canyon / North/west part of Calabasas (where my apartment is) was right in the path of destruction.

Unfortunately, we experienced the devastation of the Woolsey Fire first hand.  Luckily, Angela and the girls were able to go home to Mammoth for a week while I was evacuated and our apartment lost power for 5 days.  I couch surfed and stayed in a motel for a and handled stuff while the girls were home waiting for the “all clear” to return.  Only one apartment in our complex suffered damage, and thankfully nobody was hurt.  The trails I ride every day were completely torched, neighborhood homes destroyed and playgrounds melted.  The smell in the air lingered for months, especially after rainfall.  Even now, with the amazing wildflower superbloom, and lush greenery covering the ashen earth, scorched trees are a constant reminder of all the loss… and I don’t even wanna start with the Camp Fire up north…


Nov 4, 2018.  Rode Malibu Creek State Park / Bulldog loop with Catherine and Kevin.  Little did we know that 4 days later (Nov. 8th) the Woolsey Fire would start up and eventually burn the whole area.

Anyhoo, instead of being a Debbie Downer and boring you more than I already have, I’ll stop with the words, and just post some photos from the last 6 months of riding bikes and stuff – no particular rhyme or reason…


November 26th, just after re-opening Las Virgenes to the public.


I used to sit in this chair and look out at the gorgeous views. Nov, 2018


Another one from Nov 2018, riding on ashen moonscapes.  As sad as it was, trail conditions were fantastic (although air quality definitely wasn’t)


1/2 mile from my apartment – January 7th, 2019.  Reminders like this are sadly still all around the neighborhood.


This pic is from January, but those trucks are still there as of two weeks ago (end March 2019).


The Lehigh/NICA trails in Tehachapi.  Feb 9, 2019


Hero dirt in Tehachapi, just as it was starting to snow a bit.


Pristine fat biking in Mammoth – Dec 18, 2018


Lower Rock Creek – Dec 23, 2018


Lower Rock Creek with Lucy – Dec 28th, 2018 – what a difference a few days can make – luckily we always have the right tools for the job!


San Clemente Single Track aka “The Weed Patch” – Jan 13, 2019


KC’s birthday – Dec. 1, 2018, Joshua Tree – we found this Jack Daniels pinata and it was on like donkey kong


Dec 8, 2018 – found this little gem near my apt that wasn’t effected by the fires! – but you can see how charred it was just across the way…


Sunset sesh – my apartment complex is down in the valley below.  Jan 11, 2019


Sunrise sesh – Laguna Canyon – Dec 16, 2018


Gettin jiggy with Molly Love – Lake Perris – Feb 24, 2018


Wifey ride.  Backyard trails getting GREEN – crazy what a couple months can do! Photo taken Jan 26-2019, as of March, this same trail has 3-4′ walls of grass the whole way down!!


Another shot of the green starting to cover up the black ash on my backyard loop.  Jan 22, 2019


Haha snuck in another work photo 🙂


Getting ready for bikepacking season!  Shaking down some new gear on Dolphina!  Feb 20, 2019


Superbloom in full effect – Corral Trail / Chesebro Canyon – March 30 – 2019


Wishing everyone happiness!! – Until next time…


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2 Responses to Seal Team, Woolsey Fire, 6 Months of Ketchup

  1. Kathy Copeland says:

    Great to hear and see the latest of your adventures… love to you and the goils! ❌😜❌

    Kathy Copeland
    Executive Director
    Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra
    PO Box 7275
    Mammoth Lakes
    California 93546


  2. ss29er says:

    I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately! We filmed an episode at Camp Pendelton last month and featured a bunch of “real” marines, and the last few episodes of the season explore TBI and PTSD – hopefully will help raise more awareness. Miss ya a bunch, the girls are growing like weeds!!


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