Bye Bye Mammoth = New Chapter

5/15/19 – Benton Hot Springs – Stuff I learned today while soaking and chilling and soaking:

  • No floozies in the jacuzzi before 9pm
  • Nose hair extensions are a thing
  • Leonardo DiCaprio wished he took the role of Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights instead of Jack in Titanic.  IMG_1243

The looks on their faces!  Priceless!  We are gonna miss Benton Hot Springs and sunrise soaks…


I’m sorry – this is straight nasty!  NOOOOO!!

5/17/19 – Mammoth – House is officially up for sale.  Photographer came by today.  Everything’s packed.  Tomorrow we leave town.  Maybe it’ll sell?  Maybe it won’t… Curious to see how it goes down…IMG_1254

We’ve lived in Mammoth for 12 glorious years.  We got married here.  Both of our kids were born here. It’s been a dream home and has shaped the way Angela and I approach life and the way we raise our kids.  Mammoth is literally one of the most beautiful areas in the world and every night I fall asleep I smile.   Our home has been filled with nothing but warmth, love and happiness, and countless memories.

But it’s time to go.  Why?  Change.  Growth.  Not looking for greener grass, just different grass.  New goals, new dreams, new people… and a new base camp for new explorations.

Tomorrow we leave on a roughly planned road trip that will land us in Idaho via Oregon, Washington (hopefully BC if the girls passports arrive on time) and Montana.  I don’t have to be back on Seal Team until July-ish… so until that time, life will consist of coin flips, “I spy with my little eye”, craft beer, National Parks, world-class singletrack, fishing, fro-yo, spontaneous dance parties, hammock naps, and we’re cool with that.


Looking forward to what the future brings!


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