Coeur D’Alene, ID – What a Magical Spot to Camp and Ride Bikes


Gettin’ ready for s’mores at Camp Coeur D’Alene

Where to start!!  We love Idaho, and we loved our cabin at Camp Coeur D’Alene.  What a gem!  Just steps from our door we were riding bikes, canoeing, fishing, playing cornhole, you name it.  Also spent a bunch of time filling out “digital” escrow paperwork and the such as our house was in the process of selling.  Kinda weird using internet and docusigning from the bunk beds in our quaint cabin… as we were “getting away from it all”… but I’d take that over the alternative any time.  Anyhoo… Such a great basecamp for a few days.


Chillin’ at one of the community fire pits


Sitting on the dock 


Taking Miko and the girls for a sunset walk/ride

Spent a lot of time connecting with nature and enjoying my fam.  Between the ghost stories and fire pits and nature walks and seeing a huge MOOSE in the wild… I did make time to go check out the local singletrack.  Duh.  I found an area on MTB Project near our campground called Beauty Creek.  I pieced some trails together and they were better than expected.  Wound up having an indisputably awesome afternoon on my bike  – Strava Link Here.


Ticket to Ride – ready to drop in on Trail 257

The long, gradual climb up Beauty Creek Rd offers you time to reflect and relax.   You’re eventually rewarded with gripper zipper singletrack courtesy of Trails 257 and 258 which ebb and flow through a loamy section of forest before merging with Caribou Ridge Trail.  Shrouded in jungle and claustrophobic in spots, I was served multiple pimp slaps in the face and arms by damp and soft branches… keeps ya on your A game.  But mostly buff, non-tech skinny xc flowy singledingle.


Views of Lake Coeur D’Alene from Caribou Ridge Trail

Towards the bottom end of Caribou Ridge, the trail gets pretty techy, exposed and dangerous at speed – definitely more of a hiking trail.  But views of the valley and the lake made it all worth the effort.  After 20 miles and 2,700′ climbing, I was ready for hot dogs and beer back at camp with the girlies.IMG_9989

Not much else to say except we hiked the Mudgy and Millie Trail at Tubbs Hill, hung out on the longest floating boardwalk in the world, and had an amazing brekky at Ten/6 (seriously, the beignets and K-Paul burrito ain’t nuttin’ to mess with).  If the food’s not enough, it’s worth it just to use the restrooms.  I dug the diffuser shoved into the skull in the Pirates of Carribean themed mens potty.


Alice In Wonderland themed flowers in the women’s bathroom at Ten/6 (Yes, Angela took this photo).


Now that’s a hot chocolate!!  Ten/6


Hiking on Tubbs Trail


A little afternoon canoe ride.

We also scouted Schweitzer Resort, but it was rainy, and the bike park wasn’t open yet – bummer.  Next time!  Not hard to find a reason to come back 🙂  Until then, keep living the dream… whatever yours may be.


World’s longest floating boardwalk



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