The Hills Are Alive – Sampling the Goods in Hailey, ID

IMG_0246Here’s what’s crazy.  I’ve been lagging hard on my journaling.  So hard, that we are about to head back to Idaho tomorrow (11/6/19), and I’m just now getting around to writing about the fun times we had there back in June.  Sheesh.  It’s a good thing I take notes on my phone as kind of a “pre-journal” as thoughts hit my cranium, so that even if I procrastinate super hard, the “experiential bones” are captured in the moment, and serve to jog my recollections later… so yeah, that’s my not so secret workaround for sucky memory syndrome …


Cruisin at the local pump track.  FYI, this no longer exists.  The local pool is expanding into a bigger aquatic complex and they’re building a better pump track by the new Quigley Loop Trail.  The new pool and pump track are already under construction and will be done for Summer.  Blaine County could teach Mammoth a thing or two… just sayin’

For fun, I”ll keep my original notes in bold for this post, followed by explanations from my freshly alerted memory.  Photos always help too.  Hoot!

wicked spud –  A kinda divey burger joint on Main St.  Good prices, kids liked it, fun and mellow.  We ate there a few nights and they had this kick ass poster on the wall that brought back some memories…C61CE230-7320-4105-854D-83B1BE070A6F

Pacific sock exchange poster – sf giants will Clark and Kevin Mitchell –  anyone else remember this throwback to the Candlestick Park days?  Will Clark had one of the smoothest swings I’ve ever seen.  Anyhoo… with cheap beer and burgers and that poster on the wall, how can you not love Wicked Spud?IMG_1730

Pinky promised Angela I’ll never order a salad there again and when we move to Hailey I get a chalice there – oh yeah, forgot about this… the salads at Wicked Spud kinda sucked, but they have these sweet chalices that you can buy and they keep for ya and give you discounts on your beer… yum…

hiking to the top of carbonate mountain with the fam bam – my 42nd birthday!!  let’s hike… it’s fairly short, but a butt-kicker with elevation gain, especially for the groms and our lazy bone dog with really short legs.  Miko was limping for days after that hike!!  Have you ever heard of a dog getting sore?!!  Lucy killed it, and so did Molly… she made it most of the way up herself, and I shouldered her most of the way down.  I won’t lie.  I wish I had my bike.  Great views of the valley.  We’re already talking about doing it again (this time without the dog).


Making our way to the top of Carbonate Mountain.


Almost there!


Luckiest dad / husband alive – hoot!

ketchum burrito, el toro, powerhouse, etc – some of the other grub spots around town.  I’ve always loved Ketchum Burrito since I came to Sun Valley with The Buried Life 10 years ago.  El Toro, however, is our new fav mexi spot.  Great prices, super low key, and super friendly service.  Powerhouse is a brewpub / bike shop that’s a little pricier, but oh.  so.  good.  They also host the Sheeptown Drag Races.  More on that later…IMG_1727

all over town , wood river inn pens –  you know those free pens you get in your hotel room?  Everywhere we went, every restaurant, etc – when it was time to sign, they all had the same pens.  We took a few home too… In fact I see one next to my laptop right now.

Two dog loop – this was my first taste of Hailey singletrack.  Part of the super fun Croy Creek Trail System that’s accessed easily from town.
Wildflowers smell so good.  Buff singletrack – Ah yes, I remember the magnificent scent and the gorgeous flowers lining the thin ribbons of singletrack.  Super buff, super flowy.


Croy Creek Trails


Rideable with gravel bike – yep, you could easily get away with a gravel bike in these parts.
Good amount of climbing but doesn’t feel like it- little ribbons of skinny singletrack just snake the way up and down gulches and ridges – trailhead is 4 miles from downtown Hailey but once u get goin it’s quiet and remote 
A few creek crossings/bridges – no tech but some fun berms and baby butt smooth xc riding
Lots of Moto trails but they stay on them and two dog is non moto

Buillion connector- two dog-next time I’ll do hidden valley loop too… Pretty much sums it up, I’ll leave it at thatIMG_1680

i did hidden valley loop too – even more amazing – with bertovich… that’s my go to ride for sure – Yep, I went back to Croy Creek.  My buddy Eric Bertovich from Mammoth, moved to Ketchum last year, so we met up, and that’s where he wanted to ride.  So stoked!!!  Can’t wait to ride this again this week as long as the weather cooperates!!


greenhorn imperial loop are you kidding?  best loop ever!  climb takes you to monarch crest like swooping vistas and flowy sound of music singletrack – oh my gosh, this ride blew my mind.  It really was like Monarch Crest once you get up high, and the hills are alive!!!


I stole this photo from the internet since my phone wouldn’t take pics on the ride… hopefully I can replace it with one of my own when I ride there this week!!

i endo’d into the water on the first creek crossing – hahaha!  my phone fell in… worked a little, but camera didn’t work for the whole ride… so no pics – but me oh my… was it a blast off! – Can you believe it?  The one place I REALLY wanted to stop for some photos, and no camera… At least it started working again after putting it in a bowl of rice back in the hotel room…


Another stolen photo of Greenhorn/Imperial Gulch

Smiling and laughing and singing country boy – Pauley shore movie – So yeah, somehow we wound up watching “Son In Law” and the girls loved it!  We’d also coincidentally been listening to John Denver on one of Angela’s old mix cd’s on the road trip… so when this scene came on, we were all singing and dancing and jumping on the beds… and the whole descent down Imperial Gulch I was grinning ear to ear singing “Country Boy” at the top of my lungs… YES!!!  this is why I take notes, so I can relive the magic!!  Here’s the youtube link of the scene in that movie FYI 

get pic of sheeptown drag races from Angela – as I mentioned above, these happen once a year out front of Powerhouse at sunset.  In a nutshell, a bunch of bike nerds like me get together and drink beer and attach logs to their bikes and light them on fire and drag race down Main St. in Hailey.  Yes.  It’s been goin on for years, and has grown into “a thing”.  The cops close a couple blocks of Main St for a few hours and the Fire Dept is on hand just in case.  There’s a legit dragstrip Christmas Tree in the middle too!!  Too bad I can’t upload videos on this site, this is one instance where photos don’t do it justice.  Next time, I will compete fo sho!


Total badassery

molly’s first tooth… lucy’s first time solving a rubik’s cube – other notable happenings on the trip to Hailey.  Molly lost her first tooth and Lucy solved a Rubik’s Cube for the first time.  She’s pretty fast now.


Molly lost her first tooth!!  Yahooooo


Lucy and her first Rubik’s Cube solve!!!

I’ve still got to catch up journaling about Sun Valley and Yellowstone and The Tetons and Grand Targhee… but at least I got this one in the can before venturing back to glorious Idaho.  See ya soon 🙂
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