Challenge to Myself: Ride 365 Days Straight #NoDaysOff

No Days Off – Let’s Do It!

Seems pretty easy, right?  Ride your bike every day, for 365 days in a row.  No biggie.  I already ride a bunch as is… so why not just make sure I get on the bike every day, even if it’s just for a quickie?

Well, I tried this a couple years ago, and bailed on the idea after a month or so.   It’s definitely not as easy as it seems!!  Life can get in the way… days slip away… motivation wanes when the weather is poopy… long days at work, legs are tired, injuries, the body wants a break.  Not always many reasons to ride, but tons of reasons not to ride… and some of them are good reasons.  Letting your body recover is important.  But I also feel you can still recover with “easy rides”.  With all that said…

About 2 weeks ago, I was riding the Wood River Trail… filming with a GoPro and talking to myself while riding (as I often do).  The next thing I knew, I was committing to 365 days straight.  Ok, game on.

So, Why Then?  Why do it?

Duh!  For the fun of the challenge.  To see if I can.  To make a goal and achieve it.  I read somewhere it takes approximately 66 days of doing something for it to become a habit.  I want riding my bike to be a habit.  I did a 100 pushups and situps a day for 30 days recently, and I LOVED IT.  I continued and will continue doing pushups and situps… it’s been great for me.

For me, I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER AFTER A BIKE RIDE.  No matter what.  100%.  No matter what my mood was going into it, coming out of a ride my head is clear and I’m invigorated and I want that feeling every day!  So, why not ensure I get it?  Let’s do it!

The Rules of Engagement

There has to be some hard and fast rules in place to keep the goal from getting slippery.  Sure, it’s just me, myself and I that would be bummed if I failed this challenge.  But that’s the only person I’m trying to impress, so it’s even more important to lay a little groundwork.  Here’s the deal:

  • I must ride a minimum of 5 miles each day.  Can be multiple rides, but I must hit five miles or the day doesn’t count and I fail the challenge.
  • Goes without saying, but human-powered bikes only.
  • Although I prefer to ride dirt/mtb style, pavement counts – these easy 5 mile spins will aid in the recovery my body needs tapering up to and recovering after bigger days in the saddle.
  • Even if I ride 100 miles one day, I need ride at least 5 miles the next day.  No stealing from Peter to pay Paul.
  • I’m on the honor system with myself, but I’m also using Strava to document the journey and as an odometer to make sure I hit 5 miles each day.  Sometimes Strava fails, phones die, etc – so I’ll have to trust myself if/when those issues arrive.  Click here to follow along on Strava.

So yeah, that’s it.  As I write this, I’ve completed 12 days of the challenge.  I’ll be posting weekly videos on the new YouTube Channel – so Subscribe Now and watch and like and comment and share and all that good stuff!



Now, I’m not asking or telling you to ride every day.  But if you want to start your own 365 day challenge,  I’ll be stoked for you!!  Or if this inspires you to commit to riding once a week or 100 miles a month or any type of cycling goal, then I’m stoked for you!!  Let’s meet up and ride together.  What say you?

Ride bikes.  Drink beer.  Live happy.
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