A Snowy Overnight Yurt Trip – Galena Lodge, ID

I recently posted this video to our Youtube Channel.  It was a super fun family outing to the Miner’s Yurt near Galena Lodge.  After xc skiing out from the lodge with all our gear in tow, we were rewarded with solitude and tons of family fun that the girls won’t be forgetting anytime soon.  If you’re anywhere near the Wood River Valley in Idaho – Galena Lodge is well worth checking out, no matter what time of year.  Thanks for watching 🙂

The chocolate chip peanut butter cookie from lodge was such a great way to end the adventure.  The yurt isn’t cheap… about the same price as a decent hotel, but a one of a kind experience…

Do you think people use the gray water bucket for going pee in the middle of the night when it’s freezing cold outside?  Nothing beats stepping out into the brisk cold and star-gazing while taking a 2am whiz… Angela complained of my  rank beef cake toots, not sure what I ate…
Sure had fun playing
Apples to Apples, and Tivial Pursuit and a sesh of Uno
The solar lights were weak and pooped out after an hour… but the oil lanterns did the trick.  I hadn’t chopped fire wood in a while… sure felt good to grab the axe and do some splitting.  The melted snow water sure tasted clean and pure… better than the gross ice from our fridge – not sure what’s up.  There’s a reason why Idaho is the stargazing capital of the world.  Makes me wanna do night timelapse next time.  S’mores from the stove and relighting the fire at 1:30am to keep us warm while sleeping – all par for the course of memorable memories.

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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