Fat Bike Flow on Snow: Jug Mountain Ranch – McCall, Idaho

Have you ever been to McCall, Idaho?  I hadn’t.  It was one of the few areas of Idaho I hadn’t been to yet.  But we will definitely hit it for round 2 this Summer – assuming and hoping the Covid lockdown is old news by then.  McCall is a charming resort town situated on the Payette Lake.  A hiking, fishing, mountain biking, river running town in the Summer and a ski town in the Winter.  They receive more snow than Sun Valley, and it stays a bit damp due to being closer to Oregon and the Cascade range.  The vibe at McCall / Payette Lake kind of reminds me of Lake Tahoe.


Sister love!

We were in town for Lucy’s nordic ski race at Little Ski Hill.  What a cool spot.  It opened in 1937 and used to have a massive ski jump until a wind storm knocked it down in the 60’s.  Now that Brundage is the main ski resort in the area, Little Ski Hill is mostly reserved for the locals and bringing up the groms to Olympic greatness, of which the area has a pedigree.  Anyhoo, Lucy had 3 xc ski races there over the weekend.  In the between time, I managed to sneak away to another xc resort that caters to fat bikes and even has some specific narrow singletrack groomed trails.  It was late day and late season, so the snow was a little soft.  I slid out a bunch and it reminded me of pumice drifting at Mammoth,  but the bermed turns and grade reversals made the downhill singletrack super fun.  Also some great views around the reservoir, where I had a chance to fly the drone.  Scope the video I made of winter riding at Jug Mountain Ranch:

In betwixt all the hubub, we managed to meet up with friends from Mammoth who recently moved to McCall.  Ken and Cora.  We hit up the Salmon River Brewery for din din.  Beautiful location right near the lake, fantastic beer, and a very good thai-style burger with asian slaw was super yum yum.

We stayed at this old school dive motel called the Rustic Inn.  They had elk roaming in the parking lot, allowed Miko, it was cheap, centrally located, and served it’s purpose well.

Hope everyone is making the most out of their downtime from work, etc.  Stay healthy and stay positive!  Go ride your bike!

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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2 Responses to Fat Bike Flow on Snow: Jug Mountain Ranch – McCall, Idaho

  1. kirkmtb says:

    Hope you’re still riding every day! We have new Covid 19 restrictions in England but one bike ride a day is allowed.


    • ss29er says:

      Andrew- Yes, I’m still riding every day and will continue making YouTube videos 🙂 thanks for taking the time to comment – glad you can still ride! Stay safe and pedal on !

      Liked by 1 person

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