Ride 365: Day 33 – Auger Falls Trails | Twin Falls, Idaho

Every month or two, I make a special pilgrimage to Costco to stock up on life.  It has nothing to do with COVID-19.  It just comes with living in a small town.  The nearest Costco to me is 65 miles away in Twin Falls.  As I write this (4/2/20), we are on lockdown like most of the country.  I’m not supposed to leave my county except for emergencies.  I’m sticking to the rules.  I’m still riding my bike every day as part of the 365 Ride Challenge… just staying in my own hood.  Right now we have over 315 cases of Coronavirus and 3 weeks ago, there was just one.  Our local hospital has just one ventilator.

I just happened to be at Costco a few days before the lockdown was announced, and decided to try riding a new-to-me singletrack. trail network called Auger Falls.  It’s in the beautiful Snake River Canyon and is literally 5 miles from Costco.  Who would’ve thunk?  I had a good time riding some stellar dirt and flying the drone over the Snake River.  Check out the video for all the details.  If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel – It means a bunch to us 🙂

Hopefully you are safe and well and making the most out of these unprecedented times.  Get outside and ride your bike!

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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2 Responses to Ride 365: Day 33 – Auger Falls Trails | Twin Falls, Idaho

  1. Jake says:

    I enjoyed your video, the route looks amazing, especially the river. I wish I had something similar close to me, especially during these hard times.


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