Stage Races- Supported

My Bike It List = Races I wanna ride before I die (in no particular order)… The list is ever evolving as I tackle my goals and find new ones… Click on the list items that are crossed out for full blog reports.

  • Ruta De La Conquistadores (Costa Rica)
  • Transylvania Epic (State College, Pennsylvania)
  • Titan Desert Challenge (Morocco)
  • BC Bike Race (British Columbia)
  • Mt. Whitney Stage Race (Lone Pine, California)
  • Everest Challenge (Bishop, California)
  • Iron Bike (Italy)
  • Breck Epic (Breckenridge, Colorado)
  • Trans Provence (France)
  • Brazil Ride (Brazil)
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia)
  • Trans Czecho Slovakia Race (Czechoslovakia)
  • Trans Alp Challenge (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy)
  • Trans Wales Challenge (Wales)
  • Trans Andes (Chile)
  • Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge (Malaysia)
  • Trans Germany Race (Germany)
  • Yak Attack (Nepal)
  • Himachal Stage Race (India)
  • Trans Allgarve (Portugal)
  • Trans Hungary (Hungary)
  • Mongolia Bike Challenge (Mongolia)
  • Tour of the Dragon (Bhutan)

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