Please support the awesome companies that support me!!

My sponsoring shop in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  They are super supportive of all local athletes & outdoor activities in general.  Great service & repair shop, large selection of product, and knowledeable staff that treats everyone with respect.  Huge selection of demo bikes, weekly group rides, etc – Footloose is the spot in Mammoth for anybody planning to ride bikes.  (p.s. – They’re also the best ski shop in town – stop in!)


Ergon makes the best bike grips on the market, hands down.  Super comfy, reduce fatigue, especially over longer rides.  Lightweight and strong as well.  They also just started making backpacks & gloves and put as much attention into ergonomics and comfort with those as well.


Topeak is the ultimate brand for the uber bike geek like me.  They put lots of R&D into everything they make, and it shows.  Whether you’re looking for a new multi-tool, pump, saddle bag, etc – their stuff is bomber.  Race-tested, race-proven, well-crafted, well-priced.

Best mountain bike tires on the market.  Awesome selection of tread for every condition.  Lightweight &  fast rolling compounds with lots of grip.  My favorite race tires are the Ikon and the Ignitor, and I have the Minions on my freeride bike.  G

The name says it all.  Are you thinking about trying a 29″ bike?  Go Niner.  It’s all they do, and they do it pretty dang well.  Race proven rockets.  Solid.  Extremely well made, lightweight beasts.  The Air 9 Carbon is one SEXY BEAST!!

The best pedals, period.  Great selection, I use them on all my bikes.  Bulletproof and light.  Eggbeater 11’s on the xc race machine and 3’s on the training bikes.

Gu tastes good.  I can’t stand most “energy products” – but I actually enjoy the taste of Gu Brew (lemon-lime and blueberry-pom are my favorites).  My favorite gels are Mint Chocolate and Vanilla Bean.

“See You On 72” – The Mammoth Channel is the LOCAL channel for everything going on in our amazing town.  Dan McConnell is great, and conveys the spirit of Mammoth.  Next time you visit, set your TV to 72 – and get the scoop!


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