Ride 365: Day 33 – Auger Falls Trails | Twin Falls, Idaho

Every month or two, I make a special pilgrimage to Costco to stock up on life.  It has nothing to do with COVID-19.  It just comes with living in a small town.  The nearest Costco to me is 65 miles away in Twin Falls.  As I write this (4/2/20), we are on lockdown like most of the country.  I’m not supposed to leave my county except for emergencies.  I’m sticking to the rules.  I’m still riding my bike every day as part of the 365 Ride Challenge… just staying in my own hood.  Right now we have over 315 cases of Coronavirus and 3 weeks ago, there was just one.  Our local hospital has just one ventilator.

I just happened to be at Costco a few days before the lockdown was announced, and decided to try riding a new-to-me singletrack. trail network called Auger Falls.  It’s in the beautiful Snake River Canyon and is literally 5 miles from Costco.  Who would’ve thunk?  I had a good time riding some stellar dirt and flying the drone over the Snake River.  Check out the video for all the details.  If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel – It means a bunch to us 🙂

Hopefully you are safe and well and making the most out of these unprecedented times.  Get outside and ride your bike!

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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Fat Bike Flow on Snow: Jug Mountain Ranch – McCall, Idaho

Have you ever been to McCall, Idaho?  I hadn’t.  It was one of the few areas of Idaho I hadn’t been to yet.  But we will definitely hit it for round 2 this Summer – assuming and hoping the Covid lockdown is old news by then.  McCall is a charming resort town situated on the Payette Lake.  A hiking, fishing, mountain biking, river running town in the Summer and a ski town in the Winter.  They receive more snow than Sun Valley, and it stays a bit damp due to being closer to Oregon and the Cascade range.  The vibe at McCall / Payette Lake kind of reminds me of Lake Tahoe.


Sister love!

We were in town for Lucy’s nordic ski race at Little Ski Hill.  What a cool spot.  It opened in 1937 and used to have a massive ski jump until a wind storm knocked it down in the 60’s.  Now that Brundage is the main ski resort in the area, Little Ski Hill is mostly reserved for the locals and bringing up the groms to Olympic greatness, of which the area has a pedigree.  Anyhoo, Lucy had 3 xc ski races there over the weekend.  In the between time, I managed to sneak away to another xc resort that caters to fat bikes and even has some specific narrow singletrack groomed trails.  It was late day and late season, so the snow was a little soft.  I slid out a bunch and it reminded me of pumice drifting at Mammoth,  but the bermed turns and grade reversals made the downhill singletrack super fun.  Also some great views around the reservoir, where I had a chance to fly the drone.  Scope the video I made of winter riding at Jug Mountain Ranch:

In betwixt all the hubub, we managed to meet up with friends from Mammoth who recently moved to McCall.  Ken and Cora.  We hit up the Salmon River Brewery for din din.  Beautiful location right near the lake, fantastic beer, and a very good thai-style burger with asian slaw was super yum yum.

We stayed at this old school dive motel called the Rustic Inn.  They had elk roaming in the parking lot, allowed Miko, it was cheap, centrally located, and served it’s purpose well.

Hope everyone is making the most out of their downtime from work, etc.  Stay healthy and stay positive!  Go ride your bike!

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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A Dirtbag Fat Biker in the Opulent Lodge at Sun Valley Nordic – Winning!

Man.  The clubhouse or lodge or whatever you call it at the Sun Valley Golf Club and Nordic Center is pure opulence.  I felt totally out of place in that joint.  But I had bigger fish to fry.  I needed a taste of the fresh cord they lay down every night.  It was Day 18 of the the 365 Ride Challenge and I was lookin’ to score!  Touchdown dances commenced on some of the best groomed terrain I’ve ever laid fat bike tires on.  All it took was $15 for a trail ticket and some willing and able legs and lungs.

Don’t believe me?  Want proof?  Watch the video below.  If I’m right, subscribe to my Youtube Channel.  If I’m wrong subscribe any way and tell everyone in your family to subscribe too.  It’s the only way to beat the Coronavirus.


Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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A Snowy Overnight Yurt Trip – Galena Lodge, ID

I recently posted this video to our Youtube Channel.  It was a super fun family outing to the Miner’s Yurt near Galena Lodge.  After xc skiing out from the lodge with all our gear in tow, we were rewarded with solitude and tons of family fun that the girls won’t be forgetting anytime soon.  If you’re anywhere near the Wood River Valley in Idaho – Galena Lodge is well worth checking out, no matter what time of year.  Thanks for watching 🙂

The chocolate chip peanut butter cookie from lodge was such a great way to end the adventure.  The yurt isn’t cheap… about the same price as a decent hotel, but a one of a kind experience…

Do you think people use the gray water bucket for going pee in the middle of the night when it’s freezing cold outside?  Nothing beats stepping out into the brisk cold and star-gazing while taking a 2am whiz… Angela complained of my  rank beef cake toots, not sure what I ate…
Sure had fun playing
Apples to Apples, and Tivial Pursuit and a sesh of Uno
The solar lights were weak and pooped out after an hour… but the oil lanterns did the trick.  I hadn’t chopped fire wood in a while… sure felt good to grab the axe and do some splitting.  The melted snow water sure tasted clean and pure… better than the gross ice from our fridge – not sure what’s up.  There’s a reason why Idaho is the stargazing capital of the world.  Makes me wanna do night timelapse next time.  S’mores from the stove and relighting the fire at 1:30am to keep us warm while sleeping – all par for the course of memorable memories.

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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Homeschooling, Setting Goals, and Making Maps – Let’s Ride!

*Note:  We now upload videos to our Youtube Channel every Friday.  Everything from adventures and ride reports to tips, tricks, and hacks for mountain biking, bikepacking, etc.  Please subscribe to us on Youtube and stay up to date!

The red dots are places I’ve been, and the blue dots are places I’ve ridden my bike.  It helps to zoom way in as the blue dots get hidden.  Although I’ve traveled for fun and work to over 60 countries, I’ve only ridden my bike at approximately 400 trails / networks in 17 states (and some of Canada).  I’ve got a long way to go to hit all 50 states and better start planning some international bike adventures with the family soon!  Gotta start somewhere 🙂

Homeschool Geography and Goal Setting Lessons:

Since I can remember, I’ve been super keen on keeping “goal lists”.  My Pops instilled this in me at a young age.  He taught me to sort goals into short, medium, and long-term.  “If you write it down, you’ll do it.”  Simple enough, right?  I remember reading that Jim Carey, when he was a down and out comedian, wrote himself a check for $10 million and carried it around in his wallet.  A great example of manifesting success!

The habitual repetition of conceiving, recording, planning, and ACHIEVING a goal is truly addicting.   So, in teaching my daughters about geography, and showing them where I’ve been and ridden my bike, this Google Map was formed.  The next step is to make the kids their own maps and keep adding “virtual pins” as we wander through life’s adventures.  Super fun!

I  hope this might encourage you to get out there and DO STUFF and fulfill your own bucket map!

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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Ride Report: Winter Fat Biking the Groomed Wood River Trail – Sun Valley, ID

The winter fat biking scene in the Wood River Valley of Idaho is insane.  The sheer quantity and quality of groomed nordic ski trails in the region aptly named “Nordic Town USA” is off the hook.  Luckily for us fat bikers, we are allowed on a healthy dose of this magical terrain as well.

Anyhoo… today’s office is the beautifully groomed and FREE to ride, 20 mile long, Wood River Trail.  Check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  This was also my first time filming with a drone, and Day 16 of the Ride 365 Bike Challenge… leave a comment on the video and tell me what you think!

Ride bikes.🚲  Drink beer.🍺  Live happy.😀
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Let’s Get Weird: Stanley Winterfest and Fat Bike Fondo 40k Race

Who woulda thunk?  That a tiny town of 63 people could throw such a wicked weekend festival and slip in a majestic fat bike race/ride in as well?  It’s true.  And they raced toilets on skis.  And sledded down hills on huge rafts.  Don’t believe me?  Click here to check out this video I posted on our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe!

The slogan for Stanley Winterfest is “Let’s get weird.”  And they sure do.  Whether it’s snowshoe drag racing, skijoring from snowmobiles, or any of the other radness they cook up.  Not sure what the deal is with all the White Claw Seltzer, though?  It’s everywhere in Stanley… tastes like flavored sparking water but 5% alcohol.  Maybe that’s why it’s popular?  Kind of like Boone’s Fuzzy Navel when I was in high school… I digress…IMG_4211

I think there are more snowmobiles than cars in town, and it reminded me a lot of West Yellowstone… where people drive their snowmachines to the bar, the gas station, etc.  Awesome sauce.


Brunch at the Mountain Village Resort.

We stayed at the Mountain Village Resort – which was actually a motel, but that’s ok.  They allowed Miko, had clean rooms, and a great burger at the restaurant.  And access to some hot springs near the river.  Checked all my boxes.


About to jump in a raft and sled down to those tiny dots of humans ready to be towed up for their shot!

A little about the Fat Bike Fondo.  It was kind of a race… meaning we all had number plates and there were a few that sped out and took it super serious.  For the most part, people were just out having fun and trading calories that they’d later reintroduce to their body in the form of beer.  The conditions were firm and fast for the most part – thanks to being groomed the night before.


Yup.  It was a warm 13 degrees at the start of the Fondo.

The scenery was endless 360 views of everything you want this country to be.  An out and back course with a lollipop loop at the top.  Approx 2k climbing over 25 miles.  Not sure what place I came in, didn’t make the awards ceremony as there was too much other fun stuff to do… but I think it was around 5th or so?  Around 35 riders at the start line, fun group of peeps including this dude Zach that I met in Bellevue a few days earlier because he was wearing a green Fat Pursuit hoody (I have the same one from when I finished the 200k in 2016).  So yeah, other than stopping to change gopro batteries (they didn’t do well in the 13 degree weather) I felt good, and rode well.  Stoked on the experience and the free Sawtooth Brewing beer afterwards didn’t hurt either! (shout out to Paul from Sawtooth Brewing for providing free beer to the Fat Bike Fondo participants).   Strave Ride Log, click here.


Pre-riding the course with the mountains peeking through to say hi.

Definitely put this on your list next President’s Day Weekend.  Even if it’s not for Winterfest, Stanley is a mostly unknown gem of a town, except for those in the know. Nestled between the Sawtooth Mountains and the Salmon River. IMG_2925IMG_4215

We will be back in the Summer to have huckleberry milkshakes and get into more mischief to exploit on my Youtube Channel.  Until then:

Ride bikes.  Drink beer.  Live happy.
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Challenge to Myself: Ride 365 Days Straight #NoDaysOff

No Days Off – Let’s Do It!

Seems pretty easy, right?  Ride your bike every day, for 365 days in a row.  No biggie.  I already ride a bunch as is… so why not just make sure I get on the bike every day, even if it’s just for a quickie?

Well, I tried this a couple years ago, and bailed on the idea after a month or so.   It’s definitely not as easy as it seems!!  Life can get in the way… days slip away… motivation wanes when the weather is poopy… long days at work, legs are tired, injuries, the body wants a break.  Not always many reasons to ride, but tons of reasons not to ride… and some of them are good reasons.  Letting your body recover is important.  But I also feel you can still recover with “easy rides”.  With all that said…

About 2 weeks ago, I was riding the Wood River Trail… filming with a GoPro and talking to myself while riding (as I often do).  The next thing I knew, I was committing to 365 days straight.  Ok, game on.

So, Why Then?  Why do it?

Duh!  For the fun of the challenge.  To see if I can.  To make a goal and achieve it.  I read somewhere it takes approximately 66 days of doing something for it to become a habit.  I want riding my bike to be a habit.  I did a 100 pushups and situps a day for 30 days recently, and I LOVED IT.  I continued and will continue doing pushups and situps… it’s been great for me.

For me, I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER AFTER A BIKE RIDE.  No matter what.  100%.  No matter what my mood was going into it, coming out of a ride my head is clear and I’m invigorated and I want that feeling every day!  So, why not ensure I get it?  Let’s do it!

The Rules of Engagement

There has to be some hard and fast rules in place to keep the goal from getting slippery.  Sure, it’s just me, myself and I that would be bummed if I failed this challenge.  But that’s the only person I’m trying to impress, so it’s even more important to lay a little groundwork.  Here’s the deal:

  • I must ride a minimum of 5 miles each day.  Can be multiple rides, but I must hit five miles or the day doesn’t count and I fail the challenge.
  • Goes without saying, but human-powered bikes only.
  • Although I prefer to ride dirt/mtb style, pavement counts – these easy 5 mile spins will aid in the recovery my body needs tapering up to and recovering after bigger days in the saddle.
  • Even if I ride 100 miles one day, I need ride at least 5 miles the next day.  No stealing from Peter to pay Paul.
  • I’m on the honor system with myself, but I’m also using Strava to document the journey and as an odometer to make sure I hit 5 miles each day.  Sometimes Strava fails, phones die, etc – so I’ll have to trust myself if/when those issues arrive.  Click here to follow along on Strava.

So yeah, that’s it.  As I write this, I’ve completed 12 days of the challenge.  I’ll be posting weekly videos on the new YouTube Channel – so Subscribe Now and watch and like and comment and share and all that good stuff!



Now, I’m not asking or telling you to ride every day.  But if you want to start your own 365 day challenge,  I’ll be stoked for you!!  Or if this inspires you to commit to riding once a week or 100 miles a month or any type of cycling goal, then I’m stoked for you!!  Let’s meet up and ride together.  What say you?

Ride bikes.  Drink beer.  Live happy.
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Stomping Snowy Fat Bike Singletrack and New YouTube Channel!

Aloha from sunny Sun Valley, Idaho!  Actually, I now rest my head in Hailey – 10 miles south of Sun Valley/Ketchum but still sunny, just a bit more devoid of touristas, but still plenty of baristas.

So big news first.  After all these years of blogging… almost 10, I think??  I finally decided to start a Dirty Teeth MTB Youtube Channel to keep track of my bike shenanigans in a moving picture format.

Not sure what took me so long… maybe it’s the long unemployment stint I’m currently partaking in?  Must be.  So yeah… my first video happens to accompany this blog… so do me a favor, click on the image below to watch the video, and if you dig it, please SUBSCRIBE to the channel, click the “thumbs up” and spread the good word.  We post new videos every Friday at 7am to stoke you out for the weekend 🙂

All it takes is some Sorel’s, some snowshoes, some beer, and voila – homegrown singledingle in the backyard.  Might have to add some features soon… maybe some bermed turns and a jump or two?  Hmmm… Regardless, it’s scratching Molly’s itch for now… she gets up every morning and asks me if she can ride the backyard loop… Winning!

In The Works

So yeah… We just nordic skied out to a yurt near Galena Lodge for a family adventure overnighter…. blog coming soon (and YouTube video as well).  Also been filming at all the nearby groomed fat bike trails (Wood River Trail, Quigley, Durrance, Sun Valley Nordic, etc) as well as some super sweet packed snow singletrack… and we’ll be going to the Stanley Winterfest this weekend and I’ll be racing in the 40k Fat Bike Fondo… so should be some fun stuff coming soon… okee dokes… keep living the dream.

Ride bikes.  Drink beer.  Live happy.


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Self-Supported Through Ride of LA’s Backbone Trail

“Few places in this world are more dangerous than home.  Fear not, therefore, to try the mountain passes.  They will kill care, save you from deadly apathy, set you free, and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic action.” – John Muir, The Mountains of California  

The Backbone Trail is a 70ish mile point to point route from Will Rogers State Park to Point Mugu State Park, heading up, over and through the magnificent Santa Monica mountains.  It includes appox. 14,000′ of climbing, and gains fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean and even makes the city look pretty in the distance.  It’s primarily a hiking trail and has recently become popular for trail/ultra runners.  Unfortunately, a few sections are closed to bikes and/or equestrians for various reasons (terrain, wilderness designation, etc).


Pre-dawn start – looking back at the lights of the city after leaving Pacific Palisades and Will Rogers State Park behind.

When I first got into mountain biking about 12 years ago, tackling the section from Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge (aka The Hub) left an indelible imprint on my brain.  This opening section climbs 2k over 7 miles.  It beat me up, and tossed me around in the pain cave.  But that sense of accomplishment.  Fighting through adversity.  The satisfaction of conquering the seemingly insurmountable – soaking in the glory at the The Hub.  That’s what stands out the most.  It was ear to ear grins descending back to my car.  That feeling of challenging myself, and pushing limits… that addiction still drives me today.  Singletrack is my drug.

So yeah, I’ve ridden most of the legal sections of the Backbone over time (and maybe even accidentally poached some of the hiking only stuff too).  I’m moving to Idaho in a couple of weeks, and decided to do it all in one go.  Kind of a “last hurrah” although I know I’ll be back.  Self-supported, with no outside help or caching of food/water.  One long grinder of a day on the bike.  Just me, myself, and I and some tunes.  Just how I like it!


Sunrise.  I am reborn.

Let’s go!  Draw a gpx track with ride-arounds.  Load to the garmin and phone/gaia as backup.  Pack 3 water bottles (only filled two for the start) on the bike and one fold up Platypus bottle in case.  Stash food and snacks, charge lights, ready to rock.

My amazing wife and kids woke up at the butt crack and drove me to Will Rogers.  5:06am. Rride away.  Bye traffic.  Bye smog.  Dark and quiet.  Smell of horses sleeping.  Listen to my misty breath.  Settle into a climbing rhythm.  Dismount for the bridge.  Buzz kill.  Ok, maybe being forced off the bik was OK.  City lights.  Drink.  Reflect. Snap photo.  5:38am.  Back on the saddle, rhythm.  Sunrise.  Unreal.  6:10am.  Dirt Church.  Reached The Hub.  6:34am.  Photo.  Warmed up now, legs feeling great.  Sun’s out, guns out.  Wow… that was pretty easy… much different than 12 years ago.  I’ve come a long way.  Long way to go.  Wordplay, much?


Temescal Ridge aka The Hub

Down to Trippet Ranch (ride around for the illegal Musch Trail section).  Around 7am.  Pass through an Xterra start/finish line… weird… people setting up tents, getting ready for the 8am race.  Stares and glares as I filled up my two empty bottles at the spigot behind the tables lined with Gu and Clif Bars.  Peace sign.  Onward.


Reaching Calabasas Peak Motorway from Red Rock Canyon.  Spirits high.

Froze my balls off on Old Topanga.  Inversion.  Bohemian homes.  Shivers.  Welcome the discomfort.  I’ve been too comfy lately.  Red Rock Canyon, top out at Calabasas Peak Motorway.  7:28am.  Bomb down to the Piuma Trailhead and rejoin the Backbone.  Brekky time, a yummy burrito from Trader Joes.  7:56am.  Hi to the hikers starting out.  Bathroom and sink, water you can drink.  It’s on the map and I called the Ranger in advance to double check – yes, potable.  Fill up 3 bottles.  Back of napkin calculations = 25 miles and 5k of climbing until the next water at Circle X Ranch.


The stone labyrinth. 

Belly full, hit the crux climb (longest/steepest) of the route.  Gain Mesa Peak fire road.  Ride the labyrinth.  9:06am.   Slick rock HAB.  Corral Canyon Trailhead.  9:17am.  Boom, biggest climb done and doner.  Burned out car.  9:20am.  Up and down, along the spine – wash, rinse, repeat.  Kanan Trailhead.  Brekky #2 – buffalo chicken wrap.  Not super into it.  A few peanut butter cups and trail mix, better.  Stoke level on high.


Trusty Dolphina in all her glory.


One can only imagine how this car got here.

Ah yes.  In the zone now.  Flow.  Approach Encinal.  10:58am .  My favorite section awaits. Legs are ranting, but climb to Etz Malloy almost effortless with the grade reversals.  11:43am.  Forgot to take pics on most beautiful section of trail.  4 miles of bliss after crossing Yerba Buena Rd and heading towards Mishe Mokwa.  70 degrees and sunny.  Views on views of the ocean and mountains while traversing luscious dirt.  Lost in La Mancha.  Blessed that I’m physically capable of days like this on a bike.  Human powered. Relish every minute.  You never know when it might be taken.  Rest in peace, Gabby.


Primo dirt heading towards Encinal Canyon


Fun times climbing to Etz Malloy

Pavement descent to the ocean.  Fly past Circle X Ranch – 1/2 bottle left, no need to stop.  PCH.  Neptune’s Net.  Don’t stop.  Keep on keepin’ on.  Wide shoulder, 4 miles of coastal pavement.  I’ll take it.  Sycamore Canyon.  Camel time, fill 2 bottles for last push.  Legs yelling like an old couple.    Reach Danielson Ranch, where illegal Backbone opens it’s arms to bikes once more.  Water by outdoor fireplace, no need.  Up Wood Canyon Vista.  Feels like I’m hammering.  Looking down to my cassette says otherwise.  2nd from granny.  Then granny.  Teetering on bonk vibe.  Fighting cramps.  Been here before.  Tingling.  Embrace it.  Mouthful of yogurt covered pretzels.  Gulp gulp gulp de agua.  Mouthful of sour patch kids.  Let’s go!  Meet Overview Trail, YES!  Let’er rip.  Junction of Ray Miller Trail.  3:17pm.  DONE.  Ray Miller is the last 2 miles of Backbone, but not open to bikes.  So this was my official end.  Relish for a moment.  Coast down Overlook to Sycamore campground.  Some hugs and fizzy water.  Hot shower.  Baja Fresh.  Coke and an ultimo burrito.  Thinkin’ about the next.


Junction with Ray Miller Trail.  The end.

Stats.  74.3 miles and 11,100′ climbing according to Mr. Garmin etrex 30.  Strava + iPhone says only 10, 321′ climbing.  Hmmm… backbone-strava

Drank or Drunk?  Approximately 6 bottles (24oz) agua con various electrolyte powders

Grub: Two bananas, 1/2 a clif bar, Trader Joes brekky burrito, Trader Joes buffalo chicken wrap, 2 peanut butter cups, yogurt covered pretzels, cashew/almond/chocolate trail mix.  I packed way more food than I needed.  Better safe…

Do this as an epic day ride.  Just enough water resupplies to do it without caching anything.  Hoot!backbone-map

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