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Random Thoughts… and 8 Hours of Lake Tahoe: Race Report

First off, pour some out for Clarence Clemons.  He’s a frickin legend- The Boss & The E Street Band would’ve never had the same soulful energy without him.  I’m gonna load up my iPod with Springsteen and climb climb climb … Continue reading

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Topeak-Ergon Basecamp 2011 + Some

I just drove 10 hours from Sedona, AZ to Mammoth, CA and that BEP song is stuck in my dome… “I Just Can’t Get Enough” – catchy jam, mv shot in Tokyo a couple days before the earthquakes…  HOME for … Continue reading

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2011 Sea Otter Race and Re-Cap

Done and done-er.  Sea Otter 2011 is in the books.  I’m in one piece.  My bicycle is in one piece.  I’m at peace.  Life is good. Highlights: Watching a shmo clothesline himself around a pop-up tent (he rode his bike … Continue reading

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Chance To Train With Team Topeak-Ergon in Sedona, AZ

I hate contests.  But I’m in one. In real life, I’m a Cinematographer (I work on movies, commercials, tv shows, etc).  I get a lot of time off, so it gives me time to ride my bike… Anyhoo– I shoot … Continue reading

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