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A Snowy Overnight Yurt Trip – Galena Lodge, ID

I recently posted this video to our Youtube Channel.  It was a super fun family outing to the Miner’s Yurt near Galena Lodge.  After xc skiing out from the lodge with all our gear in tow, we were rewarded with … Continue reading

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Homeschooling, Setting Goals, and Making Maps – Let’s Ride!

*Note:  We now upload videos to our Youtube Channel every Friday.  Everything from adventures and ride reports to tips, tricks, and hacks for mountain biking, bikepacking, etc.  Please subscribe to us on Youtube and stay up to date! The red … Continue reading

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Challenge to Myself: Ride 365 Days Straight #NoDaysOff

No Days Off – Let’s Do It! Seems pretty easy, right?  Ride your bike every day, for 365 days in a row.  No biggie.  I already ride a bunch as is… so why not just make sure I get on … Continue reading

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Road Trip Catch Up – Astoria to Victoria

SPOILER – No bike riding in this post!! Feels like forever since I journaled after leaving Hood River, OR.  Quick re-cap on the roadie trip, so these memories don’t fall through the cracks… sorry for the snorey bore, but gotta … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Mammoth = New Chapter

5/15/19 – Benton Hot Springs – Stuff I learned today while soaking and chilling and soaking: No floozies in the jacuzzi before 9pm Nose hair extensions are a thing Leonardo DiCaprio wished he took the role of Dirk Diggler in … Continue reading

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Seal Team, Woolsey Fire, 6 Months of Ketchup

My alarm clock can suck it!  I won’t even look at you, or come close to setting you!!  8 months of hustle and… last week we wrapped Episode 22 / the Season 2 Finale of Seal Team in Los Angeles!  … Continue reading

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10 Blogs Worth Blogging About

There are a few blogs that I’ve recently come across, and think they’re worth a share.  Lately, I’ve been using Google Reader to subscribe to blogs, news feeds, etc.  I love it.  Currently, I subscribe to about 60 sources, and … Continue reading

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That was Sooo 2011 – Here’s Looking Forward to 2012!!

2011 was pretty sweet to me.  As the Chinese proverb says, “Yesterday, ash.  Tomorrow, wood.  Only today does the fire burn brightly.”  So I don’t usually rehash the past, but sometimes it’s nice to reminisce over stellar times with stellar … Continue reading

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Doorbusters and Post-Turkey Bike Ride in Sycamore Canyon

Have you noticed that Dean Kane is getting fat?  That dude was Superman- just saw a preview for something he’s in… anyhoo… that’s neither here nor there… After working working 70+ hours in 6 straight days and nights of mayhem, … Continue reading

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Great Quote to Remember – by Viktor Frankl

“Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude.” – Viktor Frankl Simple.  Common sense.  Spot on. I’ve been pretty bummed out tonight, for all kinds of various dumb and boring reasons, probably compounded by lack of sleep over … Continue reading

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