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Ride 365: Day 33 – Auger Falls Trails | Twin Falls, Idaho

Every month or two, I make a special pilgrimage to Costco to stock up on life.  It has nothing to do with COVID-19.  It just comes with living in a small town.  The nearest Costco to me is 65 miles … Continue reading

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Fat Bike Flow on Snow: Jug Mountain Ranch – McCall, Idaho

Have you ever been to McCall, Idaho?  I hadn’t.  It was one of the few areas of Idaho I hadn’t been to yet.  But we will definitely hit it for round 2 this Summer – assuming and hoping the Covid … Continue reading

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A Dirtbag Fat Biker in the Opulent Lodge at Sun Valley Nordic – Winning!

Man.  The clubhouse or lodge or whatever you call it at the Sun Valley Golf Club and Nordic Center is pure opulence.  I felt totally out of place in that joint.  But I had bigger fish to fry.  I needed … Continue reading

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A Snowy Overnight Yurt Trip – Galena Lodge, ID

I recently posted this video to our Youtube Channel.  It was a super fun family outing to the Miner’s Yurt near Galena Lodge.  After xc skiing out from the lodge with all our gear in tow, we were rewarded with … Continue reading

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Homeschooling, Setting Goals, and Making Maps – Let’s Ride!

*Note:  We now upload videos to our Youtube Channel every Friday.  Everything from adventures and ride reports to tips, tricks, and hacks for mountain biking, bikepacking, etc.  Please subscribe to us on Youtube and stay up to date! The red … Continue reading

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Ride Report: Winter Fat Biking the Groomed Wood River Trail – Sun Valley, ID

The winter fat biking scene in the Wood River Valley of Idaho is insane.  The sheer quantity and quality of groomed nordic ski trails in the region aptly named “Nordic Town USA” is off the hook.  Luckily for us fat … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Weird: Stanley Winterfest and Fat Bike Fondo 40k Race

Who woulda thunk?  That a tiny town of 63 people could throw such a wicked weekend festival and slip in a majestic fat bike race/ride in as well?  It’s true.  And they raced toilets on skis.  And sledded down hills … Continue reading

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Challenge to Myself: Ride 365 Days Straight #NoDaysOff

No Days Off – Let’s Do It! Seems pretty easy, right?  Ride your bike every day, for 365 days in a row.  No biggie.  I already ride a bunch as is… so why not just make sure I get on … Continue reading

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Stomping Snowy Fat Bike Singletrack and New YouTube Channel!

Aloha from sunny Sun Valley, Idaho!  Actually, I now rest my head in Hailey – 10 miles south of Sun Valley/Ketchum but still sunny, just a bit more devoid of touristas, but still plenty of baristas. So big news first.  … Continue reading

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Self-Supported Through Ride of LA’s Backbone Trail

“Few places in this world are more dangerous than home.  Fear not, therefore, to try the mountain passes.  They will kill care, save you from deadly apathy, set you free, and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic action.” – … Continue reading

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