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Iron Stomach, Not So Much – TDLP 1, Alan 0

I’m sitting here in bed.  Holiday Inn Express.  State St.  Santa Barbara.  My old college stompin grounds.  Goucho pride.  Around 2am.  2 days after pulling the plug on riding the gorgeous, albeit brutal, Tour De Los Padres route.  Tis was … Continue reading

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Tour Divide 2018 – To Chone or not to Chone: Are Chamois really the answer?

Many a debate have been had over frosty hoppy beverages.  What’s best for the nether region?  Chamois?  Bibs?  Freeball?  Baggies?  Mandex?  Chonies?  Macaronis? So, yeah.  I’ve been “training” my arse area for the last year or so to ride without … Continue reading

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White Rim Loop in a Day : Gear Testing for the Tour Divide 2018

2/4/18 The White Rim Loop in Moab, UT at least on paper, seemed like the perfect ride to test out some new TD bits on the Cutthroat, and my body.  I hit up my buddy Adrian, and the trip came together … Continue reading

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Shakedown Ride #1 – Salsa Cutthroat Tour Divide 2018 Rig

1/23/2018 Alright.  It’s been super hectic with family, holidays, the bike shop, and all that jazz.  That’s a good thing.  I’ve been riding a decent amount – splitting time between my gravel bike and fat bike, getting some base miles … Continue reading

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Life Lessons and Carnage from the Stagecoach 400 – 2015

My brain is soupy mush.  My left pinky and ring finger are numb.  My taint is tainted.  Throat swollen.  Yet, a couple days after completing my ITT of the Stagecoach 400 route, I’m still stuck in la la land dreaming about … Continue reading

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