JLB GranFollowMe – Ride Bikes and Drink Beer

Every group ride must involve bikes lying on the grass and beer flowing down the throat

Every group ride must involve bikes lying on the grass and beer flowing down the throat

The 1st ever JLB GranFollowMe ride was a blast.  Kudos to Justin, Jeremy, and the guys for putting together a great taste of June Lake mountain biking and beer.  About 20 of us met up in the brewery parking lot and embarked on a fun little ride 10 mile ride through sweet singletrack I never knew existed.  Lots of locals turned up, and stoked to see some peeps from Fat Bike Mammoth make it up as well.  We started going around Gull Lake, and then slithered our way through the ski area and down into the valley on some tree lined narrow goodness.  A couple bridges, and techy spots helped keep ya focused.  Can’t wait to get back out there with Jeremy and Johnny and the guys and explore more of the vast network that don’t get ridden enough. The locals are proud of their trails and for great reason.

Justin was bumping everything from rob zombie to bobby mcferrin on his backpack mounted ghetto blaster.  We stopped by Johnny Nipples’ house to top off our hydration.  My gosh, the Deer Beer Brown was tasty!!!  Then out came a growler bladder of Kilmister Ginger Beer… we all waterfall’d it… equally as tantalizing!!  With the light going down, it was time to get back to the brewery and utilize our $1 beer tickets.  Angela, Lucy, and Molly were waiting there to greet me with a 1/2 club sandwich from Tiger Bar, and we promptly ordered a flight to try the rest of the offerings.

Angela, of course, loved the Deer Brown and the Smokin Porter (she finished it before I could taste it).  I was pleasantly surprised by the Silver Lake Saison, and of course dug the IPA and the Pale.  Hung out and chatted with everyone from the ride, and Lucy even won a pink JLB hat in the raffle!!


Thanks again, June Lake Brewing… until next time.

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3 Responses to JLB GranFollowMe – Ride Bikes and Drink Beer

  1. Kathy Copeland says:

    Who would’ve guessed there was so much mountain biking in June… I need to know!!

    Kathy Copeland Executive Director Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra


  2. Galen (@gln) says:

    Hey Alan, I’m heading up to Mammoth for a week with the family on Saturday, would love to tag along again if you’ve got any rides planned (not just in June).


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